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b2b website photography

The Importance of Photography for Your B2B Website

When it comes to building a B2B website, having original photography can set you apart from your competitors. In today’s…

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PWA eCommerce

8 Reasons to Switch to PWA eCommerce

For eCommerce businesses, delivering a friendly mobile experience can make or break it. That’s why today’s eCommerce businesses are now...

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PWA Ecosystem Planning

ATAK’s 2021 PWA Technology Ecosystem

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a mobile-friendly website that comes “enhanced” with certain features to deliver a “native, mobile...

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Core Web Vitals

The 2021 SEO Focus Will Be Google Core Web Vitals

2021 is a big year for SEO. The world’s #1 search engine will be rolling out three new signals, known...

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Choosing B2B Marketing Agency

Choosing a B2B Marketing Agency: Unique Problems Require Unique Solutions

Every business is unique, and therefore, will have unique problems. Led by our CEO Austin LaRoche, today’s B2B Marketing Agency…

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show expertise

Show, Don’t Tell, Clients Your Expertise

Telling your customers that you are an “expert” isn’t enough to build credibility. Today’s B2B Marketing Agency Insights sees CEO…

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Write with Point-of-view

The Courage It Takes to Write With A Point-of-View

Taking a stand and writing with a point-of-view takes courage. For today’s B2B Marketing Agency Insights, CEO Austin LaRoche discusses…

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path to innovation

A Simple Path to Innovation

With so much noise surrounding the “best way to be innovative,” it’s easy to forget that the path to innovation…

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Job Application Mistakes

3 Mistakes Young Marketers Make When Applying for Agency Jobs

Wondering how you can stand out as a young marketer in a sea of applicants? For today’s (slightly different) B2B…

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Marketing Budget

Great Marketing Starts With A Budget

Understanding your budget is crucial for an effective marketing strategy. In our B2B Marketing Agency Insights, our CEO Austin LaRoche…

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LinkedIn Outreach Standing Out

When LinkedIn Outreach Gets Too Saturated, How Do You Shine Through?

A common challenge for many sales representatives doing cold LinkedIn outreach is standing out through the noise. In today’s B2B…

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Brand Messaging

Exaggerating the Problem to Define the Solution

A strong B2B marketing strategy is predicated on a clear understanding of your target market’s pain points. For this episode…

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Balance Creative and Efficiency

The Balance of Creative Genius and Getting Sh*t Done

Balancing creativity with efficiency is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. For this episode of B2B Marketing Agency…

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Marketing to Sales Map

The Marketing-to-Sales Map

The Marketing to Sales (M2S) Map was designed to help B2B agencies organize an efficient action plan based on the…

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Clients on EOS

Running Your Clients on EOS

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a staple for the organization and success of ATAK Interactive. For this episode of…

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Certified HubSpot Platinum Agency

ATAK Interactive Named HubSpot Platinum Agency

Two years ago, we at ATAK Interactive made the decision to become a HubSpot Solutions Partner. Within a year, we...

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HubSpot Target Accounts

How to Use HubSpot’s New Target Accounts

As more and more B2B buyers expect and value personalization, account-based marketing (ABM) has captured the attention of B2B companies...

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What is Sales Enablement

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is a simple concept with a big impact on the future of B2B marketing. In this episode of…

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has long been a popular and effective place to find and nurture sales leads. But with LinkedIn Sales Navigator,…

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B2B Sales Enablement Marketing Agency

The B2B Marketing Agency of 2030

Being forward-thinking and prepared for the future is crucial to success. In this episode of B2B Marketing Agency Insights, Austin…

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HubSpot Secrets

4 Secrets to HubSpot

Are you getting the most of HubSpot? In today’s episode of B2B Marketing Agency Insights, Austin LaRoche, CEO of ATAK…

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Content Not Resonating

Why Your Content is Not Resonating

Content creation is an incredibly important aspect of your marketing strategy and can be extremely impactful if done well. During…

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Marketing Qualified Leads

Why Nobody Cares About Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing Qualified Leads might have a nice ring to it, but they aren’t a relevant marketing performance metric anymore. After…

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B2B Marketing Agency Tools for Sales teams

Four Tools Marketing Agencies Should Build for Sales Teams

If you’ve read our previous blog on How to Build a Winning B2B Sales Enablement Strategy, you know B2B buyers…

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B2B Marketing Agency Insight Stop Calling it Webinar

Let’s Stop Calling It A “Webinar”

Driven by the shift to remote work, 2020 has proven so far to be a great year for the word…

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B2B Marketing Agency Failure

6 Ways Agencies Fail Their Clients

Are you thinking of hiring a marketing agency? If you are, being aware of the mistakes that can lead to…

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Sales Enablement Strategy 2020

How to Build a Winning B2B Sales Enablement Strategy in 2021

B2B businesses today operate in a new reality. 82% of B2B buyers today spend more time in the research phase,...

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ATAK Headless WordPress

Using Headless WordPress to Increase Website Speed and Security

Creating a seamless digital user experience is becoming important for many companies looking to attract users. Any point of friction...

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How to Build a Consolidated MarTech Stack

As marketing plays a bigger role in the greater buyer journey, marketers have started to rely on technological solutions to…

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COVID-19 B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing During COVID-19: Cindy Flynn

Cindy Flynn, of Hackler Flynn Law, has gone from doing four webinars a year to an average of six per…

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Zoom Conference

How B2B Companies Can Delight Their Customers During COVID-19

It’s been several weeks since the United States reported its first positive case of COVID-19 (also known as Novel Coronavirus)….

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7 Ways B2B Companies Can Use Thought Leadership to Overcome Their COVID-19 Challenges

There is an opportunity for every business in every industry to use the uncertainty of this moment to utilize thought…

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ATAK, Marketing, and Moving Ahead in the Age of COVID-19

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley For those of…

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B2B Marketing Strategy

5 B2B Marketing Trends in 2020

Over the years, the B2B marketing landscape has noticeably changed. Driving this transformation is the B2B buyer journey, which has…

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California State Flag

4 Myths About the New California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

On January 1st of this year, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect. It’s the first major comprehensive…

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AB Test

How to Optimize Your Emails with A/B Testing

Customers fuel the growth of any company. That’s why making sure your customers are receiving the most amount of value…

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ATAK HubSpot Gold Partner

ATAK Interactive Named HubSpot Gold Agency

In the summer of 2018, I made a decision I did not think I would ever make – I decided…

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HubSpot Sales and Marketing

How HubSpot Integrates Sales and Marketing

“The hurt caused to companies (of any size) by the technology silos between marketing and sales departments will force a…

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Marketing Budget

How to Build the Right B2B Marketing Budget in 2021

For B2B companies, the most important aspect of planning your marketing for a new year is determining your budget. If…

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Marketing Meeting

How to Run a Perfect Marketing Meeting in 2021

The perfect marketing meeting. Of the hundreds of companies I’ve spoken with, that have either adopted or tried to adopt…

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Google Search

What The Google BERT Update Means For SEO

Google BERT marks another major update to the company’s search algorithm in 2019.  The Most Important Update in Five Years …

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Business Team Meeting Marketing Plan

7 Ways to Build a Winning B2B Marketing Plan for 2021

Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, the end of each year brings on a duality of reflection and...

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The New Way to Build WordPress Websites: Headless WordPress and React

Every dynamic website has two primary components, commonly known and referred to as the “front end” and “back end.” The…

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Strategy Planning

How to Implement Your Brand Tools

If you go through all of the brand exercises of Purposeful Marketing, you’ll end up with a set of deliverables:…

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Vision Pitch

The “StoryBrand” Elevator Pitch

In the 11 Principles of Purposeful Marketing, we identify “Your customer is Luke Skywalker, you are Yoda.” This concept stems…

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7 Questions for Magento eCommerce

7 Questions to Ask When Building a Magento B2B Ecommerce Store 

Regardless of whether you are building a B2B or a B2C site, you want things to go smoothly; quick within reason and according to…

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Understanding eCommerce Platforms and Choosing the Right One

Software for doing business online once consisted of custom code. An in-house development team or contractor created it from scratch,…

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Magento Cost

What Is the Cost of Building and Operating a Magento eCommerce Store?

One most critical concern you will face as an e-commerce store owner is the cost of building, operating, hosting, and…

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What are the Differences Between Magento 1 and Magento 2?

Magento is a great eCommerce platform for SMBs, and with Magento 2 the software is now even better. Magento 2…

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Your Guide to Magento 2 Community Edition

If you follow the world of eCommerce to any degree, you’ll have heard the name Magento 2. Magento is a…

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Your Guide to Magento 1 Community Edition

Magento 1 Community Edition has generated a lot of buzz in the eCommerce space since it’s initial launch. Many people…

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How to Determine Your Most Important Metrics

CMOs and Marketing agencies love to consider themselves “data-driven.” They want you to know that they LOVE digging into the…

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The Complete Guide to Magento

Table of Contents Introduction to Magento Understanding eCommerce Platforms Magento eCommerce Platform Overview 7 Questions to Use as a Guide…

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PMM: Why the 90 Day Obstacle Sprint is so Important

About five years ago, I created a new rule in my office – nobody was allowed to say they didn’t…

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Understanding the Magento eCommerce Platform

Choosing an eCommerce platform ideally suited to the needs of your unique business can be a bit like trying to…

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Audience in facebook

How To Use Facebook Audiences To Grow Your Business

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is, without a doubt, the most important social media network today….

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Facebook business ad page

Why The Facebook Pixel Is Essential To Your eCommerce Business

With more than 1 billion active daily users, Facebook has become a staple of many people’s daily lives. As an...

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Sponsored post in instagram feed

These Are The Instagram Metrics You Should Be Measuring

Ed Note: This week, ATAK's Marketing Manager Sarah Shimoda shares some insight on the real Instagram metrics you should be...

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Magento vs. WooCommerce: Which Is Better for You?

The two leading e-commerce platforms, by the number of installations, are WooCommerce and Magento. Both are versatile and powerful, and…

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Choosing a Direction

Purposeful Marketing Method: Great Customers – Yours and Theirs

Let me tell you a story about a woman named Maggie.  About six months after I moved to a neighborhood…

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Company billboards shown in New York’s Times Square at dusk

B2B Branding Stripped Down to the Essentials

True story. Many moons ago, I was working at a startup. A new CMO had been hired and he wasn’t…

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How the Purposeful Marketing Method Sets A Company’s Focus

One of the funny quirks about writing teachers – creative types that constantly preach to students the value of being…

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The 11 Principles of Purposeful Marketing

“A man gotta have a code.” – Omar Little  The Purposeful Marketing Method is a three-part framework. It is an easy-to-adopt system…

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Inbound Through the Eyes of a New Marketer

Ed. note: Today, ATAK’s very own Content Marketing Coordinator, Meredith Burns, is sharing a few thoughts on her goal to…

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The Most Useful Magento Extensions for 2019

Magento's capable and busy developer community has created a large library of extensions/plugins, making Magento a platform that is amazingly...

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How To Identify the Ideal ERP Software for Your Small Business

Entrepreneurs who focus on enhancing their B2B and/or B2C commerce operation and overall customer satisfaction will eventually realize success. For…

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How ERP Improves Customer Service

In today's world, customers have myriad options when it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Asset-intensive companies in the distribution,...

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Your Guide to Setting Up Your Magento Store for Search Engines

One of the most critical steps in running a successful eCommerce website is ensuring your store is to set up…

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Marketing to Sales Map

Purposeful Marketing Method: Drawing Your Marketing to Sales (M2S) Maps

Let’s go back to the central theme of the Purposeful Marketing Method: Ensuring that every marketing dollar a business spends,…

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Digital Online Marketing E-Commerce

Why You Should Consider Magento as Your B2B eCommerce Platform

There are more than a few popular eCommerce platforms that B2B businesses around the world rely on day in and…

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Purposeful Marketing Method: Conducting Customer List Analysis

Many companies get lost with data and for good reason. First, there are thousands of metrics a company can track…

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Pretty, young business woman giving a presentation in a conference/meeting setting

The Leadership Message – Attracting Prospects Through a Point-of-View

Leadership belongs to those who take it. –Sheryl Sandberg Any business can pay to attract consumers. If you want 1…

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email marketing trends that matter in 2019

Email Marketing Trends that Actually Matter in 2019

Every day our inboxes are flooded with emails from companies trying to sell us on something. If you receive 20…

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Nova Polymers Booth at ISA Sign Expo 2019 designed by ATAK

ATAK’s Work at ISA Sign Expo 2019

Last month, the International Sign Association (ISA) hosted the Sign Expo 2019. This year’s annual event had record-breaking attendance with…

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Inventory at a warehouse managed by ERP

What is ERP?

In the world of business tech trends, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the most prominent developments in the last…

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Developing Your Target Personas 

Introduction to Buyer Personas  One of the biggest challenges marketers face is targeting the right people at the right time…

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Magento vs. Shopify: Our Complete Guide to E-Commerce Platforms in 2019 

Business owners have a lot of important decisions to make when starting an e-commerce business. Picking the correct e-commerce platform…

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The Vision Pitch – What it is and Why You Need It

Before we jump into your vision pitch, we need to start by re-visiting the customer lifecycle: Attract the Prospect Connect…

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Magento Security Patches: Why They are Critical To Your Business

For many e-commerce businesses, the Magento platform is the backbone of their e-commerce business. Magento is one of the most…

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The Style Discovery Tool

“Are you cool, man?”  “Like how?” “Ooookay…” Dazed & Confused, 1993 Everybody has their idea of what “cool” looks like….

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rawpixel 303966 unsplash

The Importance of a Visual Identity Audit

In the first part of the Purposeful Marketing Method’s Brand Day, teams work on their messaging when developing a Communication…

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How to Create Real Value Propositions

“Value proposition” is typically one of the first marketing vocabulary words that the “fake it til you make it” professionals…

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aaron burden 123584 unsplash

The 7 Words Or Less Exercise: How to Create a Perfect Tagline

One of the all-time worst Google searches a company can type in is: “Best business taglines of all time” You’ll…

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Office conference room meeting

How to Create the Perfect Why-How-What Positioning Statement

Editor’s note: This is the first of many posts introducing the Purposeful Marketing Method. For more on the PMM, click…

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Why We Created

Why We Created The Purposeful Marketing Method

In my 10-plus years leading a marketing agency, I have seen a lot of smoke and mirrors. I’ve learned about…

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netsuite ecommerce integration

Skyrocket Your Business In 2019 with a Successful NetSuite Ecommerce Integration

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, across all industries and business sectors. One survey found that 70 percent of companies…

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How to Pick a Magento Development Agency

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available today. The flexibility the platform offers has made it a...

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ATAK at Inbound3 1

Why We Decided to Become a Hubspot Partner

Over the next 6 months, ATAK is excited to make a series of announcements about our company and some of…

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Looking at Laptop

11 Features Every eCommerce Site Needs in 2019

There’s nothing worse than wanting to purchase something online and hitting an eCommerce site that is confusing, slow, or flat...

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6 B2B Marketing Strategies for 2019

The world of business to business marketing is constantly expanding and best practices are changing rapidly. When was the last...

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SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making

6 SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making (And How to Fix Them)

Sure, it’s easy to nod along whenever your colleagues mention SEO, but sometimes all the jargon goes right over your...

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instagram stories

Can You Use Instagram Stories to Increase Sales?

Instagram added Instagram Stories as a way to compete with the app millennials are obsessed with, SnapChat. Now it’s become...

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linkedin profile improvement

How to Optimize Your Company LinkedIn Page in 40 Minutes (or Less!)

You’ve been connecting with colleagues and peers on LinkedIn for years but have you tapped into the power of LinkedIn...

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Facebook Targeting Strategies

8 Facebook Targeting Strategies You Should Try Today

If you’ve spent hours wringing your hands over your Facebook ads strategy, you’re not alone. The clunky UI, confusing options,...

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word press up dates

WordPress Maintenance: Why You Should Always be Using the Latest Version of WordPress

At ATAK, most of the websites we build incorporate WordPress, and this should be no surprise. WordPress is nearly ubiquitous,...

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AV ipad mockup

How a Fully Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign Delivered Results

Last September, Anderson & Vreeland prepared for their largest trade show of the year, LabelExpo Americas 2016. Inside their booth...

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GO campaign mockup

6 Strategies for Building a Nonprofit Website in 2019

Every nonprofit organization can benefit from having a digital presence to solidify their mission and spread their message. The process...

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ransom ware interview

Protecting Small Business Systems from Ransomware: Interview

Last month, one of the largest globally targeted ransomware attacks in history hit the news – taking out the computer...

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8 Changes Your Website Needs to Be GDPR Compliant

You’ve heard a lot of talk about GDPR, but what exactly is it and how is it going to affect...

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AB testing green

Small Changes Lead to Big Numbers: A/B Tests to Run on Your Website’s Homepage

Consider your homepage the entryway to your online business. Here, you have the fleeting opportunity to impress upon your visitors……

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sales funnel blog

Modules for Magento Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

We’ve covered effective SEO practices for driving up the number of potential customers to your site. However, getting them there...

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Data Solutions Much More Than Just SEO

Data Solutions: Much More Than Just SEO

There are many ways to bring traffic into your website when you’re working with a digital marketing agency. Within marketing,...

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brand identity

Brand Identity Kit: What it is and How to Attain it

Defining Elements of a Brand Identity Kit Let’s start with defining Brand Identity. And like the title of Sinek’s book,…

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Magento Extensions

11 Best Magento Extensions To Use In 2019

Out of the box, Magento is already a powerful ecommerce platform. The biggest challenge ecommerce businesses encounter trying to manage...

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macbook website

Is Your Website an Internet Relic? Why Outdated Websites Are Bad For Business

Getting a new website live can feel like a gargantuan effort. It's a major cornerstone any brand's identity. For many...

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Web Design for Multi-location Businesses

Web Design for Multi-location Businesses

As ecommerce continues to grow, users are now flooded with results when they search for a particular product or activity....

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