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Save on the HubSpot onboarding fee by working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner! Our team helps you implement any Hub in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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Our Proven Process + Timeline

We work with you to have you up and running with HubSpot in 4-6 weeks. A team of HubSpot Certified Trainers helping you get the most out of HubSpot!

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From concept to completion, we handle every aspect of the design, build, and launch to maximize the outcome. We enjoy the the heavy lifting.

Solutions Architecture

ATAK's HubSpot experts help you design your ideal instance through process mapping.

  • Sales Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Service Automation
  • Customer Journey
  • Migrations
  • Systems Design
Sales Automation
sale_hub Sales Hub

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, ATAK works closely with its customers to architect sales automation in HubSpot by following a systematic approach. First, we aim to understand the customer's current sales process, including how they generate and manage leads, qualify opportunities, and close deals.

Next, we work with the client to map out their ideal sales process, identifying areas where automation can be introduced to increase efficiency and reduce manual effort. This includes evaluating the customer's current HubSpot setup and recommending any necessary changes or additions to support their sales automation goals.

This process mapping process sets sales teams up for success and makes implementation seamless.

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Marketing Automation
MarketingHub_Icon Marketing Automation

ATAK conducts a thorough review of the customer's current marketing ecosystem, including their content strategy, email campaigns, social media presence, and paid advertising efforts. This helps to identify areas where automation can be introduced to improve efficiency and drive better results.

Using this information, we work with the customer to visually architect a comprehensive marketing automation plan using lucid charts, including lead capture and nurturing workflows, email campaigns, social media automation, and automated reporting and analytics.

image 32
Service Automation
Service_hub Service Automation

ATAK works with its customers to process map automation in HubSpot's Service Hub to streamline their customer support operations and improve customer satisfaction. We start by understanding the customer's current support process, including how they manage support tickets, respond to inquiries, and handle customer feedback.

As a trusted HubSpot Solutions Partner, we work with the customer to map out their ideal support process, identifying areas where automation can be introduced to improve efficiency and reduce manual effort. This includes evaluating the customer's current Service Hub setup and recommending any necessary changes or additions to support their support automation goals.

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Customer Journey
cms_hub Customer Journey

Process mapping a customer journey with HubSpot's different tools involves understanding a customer's path from their first interaction with the brand to becoming a customer and beyond. ATAK works with its clients to map out an ideal customer journey, identifying areas where automation can be introduced to improve efficiency and effectiveness of communication at each step of the buying process.

Using this information, we develop an automated communications plan that includes email campaigns, lead nurtures, and personalized messaging based on the customer's behavior and preferences. In the end, ATAK will comprehensively lay out all areas where automation can be implemented to improve customer experience, streamline operations, and drive measurable ROI.

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hubspot_icon Migrations

ATAK approaches a CRM migration to HubSpot by first analyzing the current CRM system in use. This will help to identify the data that needs to be migrated, as well as any potential data quality issues. Next, we work with the client to create a customized migration plan, which will outline the steps necessary to ensure a successful transition to HubSpot. This may involve cleaning and consolidating data, creating custom fields and workflows, and mapping data from the old system to the new one.

ATAK looks at the migration to the HubSpot platform through a business lens, customizing sales pipelines and setting up lead scoring criteria and other revenue-driving activity. The agency will then provide training and support to ensure that the client's team is comfortable using HubSpot and that they understand how to make the most of its features and functionality. Finally, we perform a comprehensive post-migration review to identify any issues or areas for improvement, and will continue to provide ongoing support to the client as needed.

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Systems Design
Operations Systems Design

When architecting a systems design to connect HubSpot to other important data, ATAK will first audit a customer's tech stack and assess the various data sources and their respective formats. This will help to identify the best way to connect and integrate the data, whether it's through APIs, webhooks, or other integration methods.

We then design a custom integration solution that meets the client's specific needs and takes into account any existing system limitations. This may involve developing custom scripts or middleware to connect the systems, as well as configuring data mappings and transformations to ensure that the data is properly synchronized.

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“When I started managing our global demand generation, I inherited 4 disparate HubSpot instances, misaligned processes, confusion, workflows that were simply not doing what they were supposed to. In order for us to move forward with demand generation successfully, we had to go back to the drawing board & get our foundations right. One year later, we have successfully migrated onto one HubSpot platform, implemented lead scoring, cleaned up our database, developed consistent, easy-to-use templates, and increased our contact engagement significantly, have full insight into the marketing funnel and custom dashboards in place to provide maximum insights.

The partnership with ATAK has been so valuable in getting us on the right track, and the team is knowledgeable, engaged, and a real pleasure to work with.

Special thanks to Julien, Stephen, Annie, and Austin, who have truly helped us transform our operations and empowered us to focus on what we do best.”

Maja Rissmann

Maja Rissmann

Director, Global Demand Generation -
Randstad RiseSmart


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