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What We Do

ATAK follows established design standards, guidelines, and workflows to make user experience exceptional, from start to finish, no matter the medium.

Design Thinking

We use a cognitive, strategic & practical process in how our concepts are developed.


Strategic Design

ATAK uses the best tools in UX Research and Analysis to provide an organized customer experience that delivers results.

UX Research


*We conduct empathetic reseach with the purpose to humanize data collected about people. And convert into effective designs

Design Capabilities + Examples

We go beyond pretty, designing with the intent to persuade + convert target audiences.

Design that is intelligent, mindful of media and surroundings can establish a robust brand identity. With our extensive experience in executing various projects, we can provide valuable insights on developing effective systems for visual brand identity.

01 Brand Identity
02 UX / UI
03 Websites, Apps, & Online Shops
06 Illustration

Web & App Design

We use the most modern technologies and design standards to produce something your clients will use again and again.

The Client Experience

See how we solve problems and build long-term relationships with our customers

"Our company was seeking a partner who could leverage the tools we used to improve our performance. Enter ATAK and their HubSpot knowledge. Where our old agency blamed Google and HubSpot for tracking and conversion issues, ATAK figured out ways to ensure visibility into anything and everything that we wanted to track even when it wasn't straightforward. And better yet, when a landing page's performance was slipping, they brought it to our attention on a call armed with suggestions for improvements.

I appreciated that they weren't waiting for an issue to arise in order to fix it, but instead addressed it proactively so that my business didn't miss a beat. Thank you to Haydn, Stephen, Austin, and the ATAK team!"

bid lab

Maurice Harary

CEO - The Bid Lab

"Working with ATAK to set up HubSpot for my business was one of the best experiences I've ever had with adopting a new technology for my business. I cannot recommend the expertise and knowledge of all of the ATAK team members more highly. I am usually reticent to write reviews because my experiences are typically mixed. ATAK was absolutely perfect in every way - hyper-responsive, thoughtful, collaborative, and just plain super-smart. I wish it was possible to give them even more than five stars."


Emily Vencat

Chief Innovation Officer - YouBar

"When I started managing our global demand generation, I inherited 4 disparate HubSpot instances, misaligned processes, confusion, and workflows that were simply not doing what they were supposed to. In order for us to move forward with demand generation successfully, we had to go back to the drawing board & get our foundations right.

One year later, we have successfully migrated onto one HubSpot platform, implemented lead scoring, cleaned up our database, developed consistent, easy-to-use templates, and increased our contact engagement significantly, having full insight into the marketing funnel and custom dashboards in place to provide maximum insights. The partnership with ATAK has been so valuable in getting us on the right track, and the team is knowledgeable, engaged, and a real pleasure to work with."


Maja Rissmann

Director, Global Demand Gen - Randstad RiseSmart

"We began working with ATAK to revamp our company's website and improve our online presence. From the start, their entire team has been a pleasure to work with, and I couldn't be happier with the results to date. The website design is modern, sleek, and user-friendly, making it easy for our customers to navigate and find the information they need. The SEO strategy executed has dramatically improved our search engine rankings and increased traffic to our website. And the content they created is top-notch, providing valuable information to our ecosystem and helping to establish us as a thought leader in our industry.

What I appreciate most about working with ATAK is their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work. They took the time to understand our business and goals and tailored their services to meet our specific needs. Overall, we highly recommend ATAK to anyone looking for a marketing partner who can help them improve their online presence. Again, they are a true pleasure to work with, and I give them a 5 out of 5 stars for their outstanding work."


Ben Flora

Managing Director - UnsubCentral

"We started with $0 in sales on a new platform and very quickly rose above $60,000. Beyond the sales, we became connected to a new organic customer base that we had no previous means of accessing. The boost to the customer base and additional revenue were additional stabilizers for our business.

ATAK can literally do it all including branding, web design, coding, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Blog, etc. They’ve been involved in every component of this project."


Jon Collins

CEO - Telstraight International

"Working with ATAK is like having real-time colleagues who understand our vision and our goals. They get our purpose and are able to bring all of those pieces together. They have effectively created great design themes across large events that have yielded very positive feedback."


Marcia Suzuki

VP, Finance + Operations - LA84 Foundation

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Common Design Questions and Answers

What types of other design and creative services do you offer?

ATAK Interactive is a full service design agency. We offer everything from web design to print design, to experiential design, to animation and motion graphics. Our main design service categories are Strategi Design Services, Brand Identity, UI/UX, Online Shops, Advertisements, Print & Packaging, Motion Graphics, and Illustration.

What services do you provide for website design?

As far as website design services, we provide logo design, custom website design (UI/UX), website graphic design, website motion graphics, and website illustrations.

What strategic design services do you offer?

The strategic design services ATAK Interactive offers include UX research (i.e. Surveys, Interviews, personas) as well as Analysis (reporting). We also provide wireframing for just about every project.

Can you design mobile applications?

Yes, ATAK Interactive can design mobile applications. ATAK Interactive has designed and developed several mobile applications and progressive web applications.

What are your motion graphics capabilities?

ATAK Interactive motion graphics services include website animations, video animation, custom illustration animation, AI Imagery, and much more.

Do you use any industry standard software and tools for web design?

ATAK uses Figma, as well as the entire Adobe Creative Suite. We use many types of software, too many to name here.

How long does it take to complete a creative design project and what do you charge?

Every design project varies. Everything at ATAK Interactive is scoped based on our $150/hr rate.