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What We Do

At ATAK, we take time to unravel your challenges. Then we craft exceptional, innovative outcomes.



ATAK works with clients to develop a customized strategy to achieve their business goals, and we strive to provide the best in class experience through our comprehensive approach. We understand the importance of data-driven decisions and utilize advanced analytics to ensure that our clients are able to make the most informed decisions to increase their ROI. Whether they need support with their CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, or Operations hub, we have the ability to architect, integrate, implement, and optimize what is needed to amplify any customer’s HubSpot instance.

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Maximize your business potential with ATAK Interactive's Salesforce solutions. Our dedicated team customizes Salesforce to fit your specific needs, ensuring smooth integration and optimal efficiency. Whether you aim to streamline sales, enhance customer relationships, or gain valuable insights, our tailored approach delivers results. Discover how our innovative strategies can transform your business and drive you to new heights. Explore our Salesforce services and embark on your journey to success today.

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Enhance your customer support with ATAK Interactive's Zendesk solutions. Our skilled team customizes Zendesk to suit your specific needs, ensuring smooth implementation and increased efficiency. Whether you aim to boost customer service, streamline support processes, or gain valuable insights, our tailored approach delivers outstanding results. Discover how our innovative strategies can transform your support operations and elevate customer satisfaction. Explore our Zendesk services and take the first step towards exceptional customer support today.



ATAK’s marketing services follow a unique structure we developed called the Marketing-2-Sales (M2S) framework. We help attract prospects through lead generation tactics such as paid advertising, SEO, and outreach. We help convert prospects into customers with conversion-rate optimization, utilizing areas such as social proof and UX design to increase our clients’ conversions. We provide Sales Enablement features such as marketing automation to support customers closing more deals. Finally, we help with content and thought leadership so our clients can delight their respective customer bases.



ATAK's unique framework breaks down your growth into a simple 3-step approach, designed to lead straight from your strategy to sales. First, you'll establish your business's fundamentals, such as vision, brand, audience, and data. Next, you'll identify how to attract prospects, convert them into opportunities, close those opportunities into customers, and delight your customers. Finally, you'll implement the technology, content, processes, and resources you need to start "Marketing-to-Sales."



ATAK works with many platforms and codes in many languages. Our philosophy is if you can dream it, we can build it. From simple websites to software development to API integrations to web apps to ecommerce and more, our company can take your vision and make it sing. Our developers are experienced problem-solvers that are dedicated to creating the best solution for your project.

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ATAK Interactive's premier ReactJS development services are designed to both build web applications from scratch and enhance existing ones. Our seasoned team excels in crafting dynamic, high-performance applications tailored to your specific requirements. Whether your goal is to design a responsive user interface, improve user experience, or create a scalable solution, our bespoke approach guarantees superior results. Discover how our advanced ReactJS strategies can significantly boost your digital presence and drive your business forward. Explore our ReactJS development services and embark on the path to state-of-the-art web applications today.



ATAK provides creative and UX services that help our clients inspire their audience. Through research and design, our team crafts intuitive user interfaces and interactive experiences for an exceptional user journey. Our creative services include branding, graphic design, and website design to ensure that our clients’ products, services, and websites communicate their brand and message effectively and appeal to their target market. Our goal is to help our clients create experiences that are both enjoyable and effective for their users.

Customer Experience

We believe providing an elite customer experience requires us to excel in these areas:


Do we have a well-researched plan that includes KPIs, persuasive creative, and a clear path to growth?


Are we following through on the strategy we’ve built and hitting all deadlines with elite work?


Are we proactively conveying the work we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what to expect? Are we quick to respond?


Is the work we’re doing hitting the goals we set forth? Are we helping you grow your business?

See how our team brings these elements together 
to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Customer Impact

Real Customers. Real Results.

Global HubSpot Integration

Strategically centralized + optimized a CRM for the global leader in talent mobility.

Lead Generation + HubSpot

Executed B2B marketing, lead generation, and content creation for a leading coffee manufacturer.

React SaaS Application

Designed + developed the SaaS application for a first-of-its-kind Social Impact Management platform.

Franchise Marketing + Strategy

We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym has grown to over 100 gyms across 25 states and 8 countries in eight years.

Customer Kudos

We solve real problems and build long-term relationships with our customers.

"Our company was seeking a partner who could leverage the tools we used to improve our performance. Enter ATAK and their HubSpot knowledge. Where our old agency blamed Google and HubSpot for tracking and conversion issues, ATAK figured out ways to ensure visibility into anything and everything that we wanted to track even when it wasn't straightforward. And better yet, when a landing page's performance was slipping, they brought it to our attention on a call armed with suggestions for improvements.

I appreciated that they weren't waiting for an issue to arise in order to fix it, but instead addressed it proactively so that my business didn't miss a beat. Thank you to Haydn, Stephen, Austin, and the ATAK team!"

bid lab

Maurice Harary

CEO - The Bid Lab

"Working with ATAK to set up HubSpot for my business was one of the best experiences I've ever had with adopting a new technology for my business. I cannot recommend the expertise and knowledge of all of the ATAK team members more highly. I am usually reticent to write reviews because my experiences are typically mixed. ATAK was absolutely perfect in every way - hyper-responsive, thoughtful, collaborative, and just plain super-smart. I wish it was possible to give them even more than five stars."


Emily Vencat

Chief Innovation Officer - YouBar

"When I started managing our global demand generation, I inherited 4 disparate HubSpot instances, misaligned processes, confusion, and workflows that were simply not doing what they were supposed to. In order for us to move forward with demand generation successfully, we had to go back to the drawing board & get our foundations right.

One year later, we have successfully migrated onto one HubSpot platform, implemented lead scoring, cleaned up our database, developed consistent, easy-to-use templates, and increased our contact engagement significantly, having full insight into the marketing funnel and custom dashboards in place to provide maximum insights. The partnership with ATAK has been so valuable in getting us on the right track, and the team is knowledgeable, engaged, and a real pleasure to work with."

Randstad RiseSmart

Maja Rissmann

Director, Global Demand Gen - Randstad RiseSmart

"We loved working with ATAK on our latest website redesign. We came to them with a pretty big vision and wish list and they truly helped us bring it all to life. We'll continue to be repeat customers because working with them was so easy, they truly understand our needs as a business, and the final product is superb. We've worked with other vendors in the past trying to build a website on HubSpot but they never worked out quite the way we wanted them to. We always had to sacrifice something. With ATAK, they were able to take what we wanted and build us something totally custom and meet the unique requirements of our business.

It was such an awesome experience working with the entire team and we felt supported the entire way. Relaunching your website is challenging and can be a bit overwhelming so if you're looking for a partner, a true partner, in the process, ATAK is your answer."


Christine Mulvey

Director of Marketing & Communications - CHARLESGATE

"We came from a previous HubSpot partner that we had been incredibly disappointed in. We didn't really believe a company who did what they said and cared about our company existed. After only a couple months with Atak we were blown away! They have incredible follow through, and are always strategizing for what's next. They truly care about results and working as an extension of your team. I would suggest them to anyone!"

images (1)

Hillary Cantrell

Vice President - Minick Materials

"Overall, we had a very productive and valuable experience working with the ATAK team. From day one, they were an extension of our leadership, sales and operations team, helping us think through the challenges of integrating & onboarding with HubSpot while managing a fast growing, changing business. The entire team was thorough, professional and flexible. They delivered on time and helped us stay ahead of our goals. I could not recommend ATAK enough."


Paul Redman

VP of Sales - Contractor Commerce

Would you like more information? Please submit a request or schedule an appointment below.

Would you like more information? Please submit a request or schedule an appointment below.