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California Pizza Kitchen


The Situation

Since 1985, California Pizza Kitchen, a publicly owned company, has served innovative cuisine with a signature twist that’s seasonally and globally inspired, yet distinctly California. ATAK was hired in 2017 to develop the online, B2B and B2C eCommerce store for managers to buy and distribute branded company merchandise across all 250+ stores in 11 countries. In addition, ATAK built out a retail portion of the store so that customers can buy merchandise, and enjoy representing one of their favorite restaurants.

The Solution

ATAK first created a new ecommerce website on Magento Community Edition, which launched in late 2016, for manager orders only. This site kept pricing hidden until Managerial users logged in with a unique user ID and password. Once logged in, wholesale customers would see special pricing and special checkout  and shipping rules applicable to unique agreements between different stores and countries. In Q1 2017, ATAK opened up the retail side of the site so that retail customers could now come to the site and order single items at a time.

Our Work Includes:


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