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The Importance of Photography for Your B2B Website

The Importance of Photography for Your B2B Website

2 Minute Read |
January 9, 2021

When it comes to building a B2B website, having original photography can set you apart from your competitors. In today’s B2B Marketing Agency Insights, CEO Austin LaRoche discusses the value of investing in original photography for B2B businesses.


Video transcription below:

Welcome back to B2B Marketing Agency Insights. I am your host, Austin LaRoche, the CEO at ATAK Interactive. Today, I want to talk to you about photography – great photography. We all love it. That’s why we are all obsessed with Instagram. But when it comes to building a website, I always tell business owners – even at the sake of investment at ATAK interactive – to invest in great photography. Original, great photography will set your B2B website apart.

First, it’s going to be completely unique to you. Nobody else can use it. Nobody else can say that what you are doing looks and feels exactly like what they have put out to the world. Beyond that, great photography will resonate with customers and prospects who might not know about you. When they come to your website, they are going to say, “Wow! My god, it looks gorgeous.” So when you try and figure out what kind of customizations and platforms you need, sometimes what you really need is great images.

I’ll tell you a funny story. My partner, David, went to Thailand a couple of years ago and he met somebody who does guided tours. He took a bunch of great photos on this guided tour and made a simple Squarespace website for this tour company. And I swear, it’s one of the best-looking sites we have done. He did it on Squarespace. It was just a simple, “Hey, thanks! This was a really cool event,” but I think what it really illustrated to me was that we sometimes overthink this stuff.

We want everything to be a specific way – “We need to do this for that. We got to do this for the SEO,” and so on. But sometimes, the best, most striking sites are the ones that just have great photography. So if you are starting a B2B website and trying to figure out where to budget your money, my advice is to start by investing in great photography.

I know some businesses can’t afford that, but if you can, that is where you really want to go because that will set you on the right foot. Any agency, any web developer, can take great images and build a great site. I don’t know that they can do vice versa. So invest in that great B2B website photography. Get your beautiful websites up. I can’t wait to see them.

Thanks so much. For everybody else at ATAK Interactive, I’m Austin LaRoche saying, good luck growing.

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