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ATAK, Marketing, and Moving Ahead in the Age of COVID-19

ATAK, Marketing, and Moving Ahead in the Age of COVID-19

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March 25, 2020

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley

For those of us that serve in leadership positions at our respective companies, one of the most frustrating feelings is not having control. We’re used to calling the shots, making the decisions, and living with the consequences. But COVID-19 has brought a lot of unknown variables. There is still so much we do not know about the final impact this virus will have on our global economy and when or how we will come back from this. This uncertainty fuels our anxiety.

I’ve thought a lot about the choices ATAK Interactive has made and is making in response to this new world we are living in. Since Thursday, March 12th, our team has been working remotely. This shift in setting does not affect our ability to execute at 100%, and I have found that our entire team’s communication, immediacy, and efficiency increased across the board.

As an organization, we have built a set of core values that is the backbone of how we run our company, manage our clients, and fulfill our scopes. Some businesses create generic ra-ra values such as “commitment to excellence,” but at ATAK, every element of our operation – hiring, performance, attitude – is reflected in these values. We don’t have them written on the wall or until now, have ever shared them to the outside world.

I am showcasing them here today because I believe they reflect how we are responding to this pandemic, how we will continue to serve our clients as we navigate these muddy waters, and how we will empower our customers to use thought leadership to overcome COVID-19.

ATAK’s Core Values

  • I am the problem, I am the solution
  • I see possibilities
  • I will adapt, and I will evolve
  • I want to be better, I will work to be better
  • I will innovate where others imitate

When it comes to helping our clients and businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19, we’re going to stay true to ourselves. We will be the solution. We will see possibilities. We will adapt. We will work hard. And we will innovate.

Over the next few weeks, ATAK will be releasing content centered around marketing during these times. We will offer ideas and examples that aim to inspire you to push through the uncertainty, find your voice, and extract your creativity.

Many things are changing in this moment, but ATAK is not. I have said for years that our job is to help companies utilize the latest technology to grow their business. No global pandemic or economic recession is going to change that.

We know now is the time when many of you need us the most. We are your partners. We are your biggest fans. And we are here, continuing to work for you, each and every day.


Austin LaRoche
ATAK Interactive

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