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Set Schedule

Set schedule

The Situation

SetSchedule is an online real estate marketplace focused on three key personas: home shoppers, real estate professionals, and advertisers. With easy-to-use features and an AI-driven approach to buying and selling, it has reached over a million real estate professionals. SetSchedule currently has over 35,000 active agents and over 100 strategic partners.

SetSchedule came to ATAK to address several challenges all centered around its website:

  • Its outdated and unresponsive website was not optimized for mobile devices.
  • The website generated low conversion rates for its three primary personas.
  • The site’s speed was slow and SEO needed long-term improvements.

The Solution

Because of the major issues explained above, SetSchedule’s website needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. We worked with SetSchedule’s team to identify a few key ways to overcome their obstacles, including:

  • A new site architecture for both improved appearance and functionality
  • An effective search engine optimization plan that didn’t compromise the existing ranking
  • Improved user conversion paths using key marketing service and tracking integrations
  • Data migration from its old WordPress site to the new custom-coded site
  • Custom-built tools to attract users and make the site a more effective tool for them

Our Process

We started by developing a brand new sitemap, one that (a) allowed SetSchedule to organize all web content in a more appealing and logical way for each user type, and one that also (b) improved the website’s SEO architecture. This was a two-pronged effort as we needed to make sure it can effectively generate leads on the proper pages without compromising the current leads generated from previous SEO strategies and gains.

Design and development were done in three stages, each phase focusing on a different target user type: (1) home shoppers, (2) real estate professionals, and (3) advertisers. Each section is treated as its own “micro-website” held under a larger brand to guarantee that each type of user would be directed to and presented with content that best fit their specific needs.

After these ideas were fleshed out, we went to work, crafting a custom desktop and mobile (responsive) web design from the ground up. While we chose to migrate certain content such as blog posts from SetSchedule’s previous WordPress site, the new site was entirely custom-designed in Adobe XD first, before any coding was done.

In addition to standard website page designs such as a home page and service pages, we also created custom various tools to help attract new users and improve retention. On this website, we provided a custom-built home value tool for appraising home prices, which also showed how the value of a home will change upon making certain types of home improvements. Gathering real home values and ranges required connecting via several separate APIs to company websites. In the end, our estimation tool was built with API connections to Zillow, CoreLogic,, RealtyTrac, HomeJunction, Onboard Informatics, and Google Maps. Here is an example.

Scalability was a major factor in the overall development of the website administration and content management system. ATAK’s key job was to make content modification and landing page creation easier for the team to manage on their own. We built the site on a custom content management system using CodeIgniter, an open-source, widely adopted PHP framework. This CMS allowed SetSchedule administrators to edit content; add pages, posts, and video; create new users, and much more.


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