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Paragon Labs


The Situation

Paragon Laboratories is the manufacturer of dietary supplements. Located in Torrance, CA, the company focuses their efforts on quality. They have six different certifications and are triple-certified in three of them. Their QA + QC teams are made up of graduate chemists, microbiologists, and biochemists. Everything they do is done in great detail.

In January of 2018, Paragon came to ATAK looking to bring the same attention to quality from inside their operation to their branding and marketing efforts. Their trade show booth and materials were outdated, their print ads hadn’t been updated in 5 years, and their website needed a major overhaul.

The company needed a partner who could provide the visual and written communications that properly reflected their belief in quality.

The Solution

ATAK began to help re-shape their brand identity with new colors, fonts, and a slightly revised logo. Afterwards, we updated their sales collateral to reflect the company’s new direction. A new trade booth, table cover, and portable backdrop were created for the Expo West 2018 spring show. Their salespeople were also ecstatic to have new one-sheeters for each of their product offerings – tablets, capsules, powders, and packaging – to showcase to prospects.

Our next hurdle was the company’s digital presence. We knew we wanted to build a site on WordPress that would integrate with their CRM. One element that needed to be added was a new video. ATAK produced a four-minute documentary short on Paragon that detailed the company’s value propositions, history, and capabilities.

With the new site developed and the video complete, we helped broker a move for Paragon to switch from the Salesforce CRM to the Hubspot Sales + Marketing hubs. We built out a creative offer, 7 Questions to Ask a Contract Manufacturer, and hosted it on different landing pages based on our campaign sources.

A new look in print, a new look digitally, and a commitment to online lead generation has Paragon representing their brand with a look and feel that matches the quality they have brought to the Contract Manufacturing industry for 45+ years.

Our work includes:

  • Conceptualization of elements of a new Brand identity
  • Content + Design
    • Print Collateral
      • Trade Show Booth
      • Trade Show Portable Backdrop
      • One-Sheeters
      • Print Ads
      • EOS Proven Process graphic
    • Digital Collateral
      • Short Documentary Video
      • Creative Content Offer
      • Email Marketing
      • Digital Ads
  • Web Development
    • WordPress CMS
    • Hubspot Integration

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