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The Bid Lab

See how ATAK's digital revamp cut The Bid Lab's costs by 45%

The Situation

The Bid Lab, an RFP (Request for Proposal) consultant firm, faced significant challenges in its digital marketing efforts. The primary issues included a high cost per conversion, inconsistency in lead quality and conversion rates, unsustainable advertising costs, and a lack of attribution reporting in their HubSpot CRM. The Bid Lab sought to overcome these hurdles and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in its marketing campaigns.


The Solution

To address the Bid Lab's challenges, ATAK implemented a multifaceted strategy aimed at optimizing their digital marketing campaigns:

Landing Page Optimization: ATAK revamped the Bid Lab's landing pages to improve quality scores, enhance user experience, and facilitate easier scheduling of meetings through a calendar booking module. Key elements such as phone number placement and keyword insertion were optimized to maximize conversions and improve quality scores.

Ad Campaign Optimization: ATAK transitioned from a manual cost-per-click bidding strategy to a maximized conversion strategy, leveraging Google's advanced bidding algorithms to improve campaign performance. Non-serving and redundant keywords were removed, and ad copy and imagery were updated to align with Google's best practices.

Enhanced Conversion Tracking: ATAK implemented enhanced conversion tracking to provide more accurate insights into campaign performance and ROI, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization efforts.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring: ATAK remained vigilant in monitoring campaign performance, staying on top of search terms and negating irrelevant terms to prevent cost escalation and maintain lead quality. The search environment is always evolving, so adapting to follow the best Google Ad practices is critical to the success of the campaign. 


The collaborative efforts between ATAK and The Bid Lab yielded significant improvements across various key performance indicators:

Cost Reduction: The Bid Lab witnessed a notable decrease in overall ad spend, with a 29% reduction compared to the same time last year. This reduction in advertising costs contributed to improved cost efficiency and resource allocation, allowing The Bid Lab to achieve greater ROI from their digital marketing efforts.

Increased Conversions: ATAK's optimization efforts led to a substantial increase in conversions, with a 28% rise compared to the same period last year. This significant improvement in conversion rates translated to a higher volume of qualified leads generated through digital marketing campaigns, driving business growth and expansion opportunities for The Bid Lab.

Decreased Cost per Conversion: Through strategic campaign optimization and enhanced conversion tracking, ATAK successfully reduced the cost per conversion from $161.61 to $89.13, marking a remarkable 45% decrease compared to the previous year. This significant reduction in cost per conversion demonstrates the effectiveness of ATAK's optimization strategies in maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of The Bid Lab's digital marketing campaigns.


ATAK's comprehensive digital marketing strategy enabled The Bid Lab to overcome their challenges and achieve substantial improvements in campaign performance, cost efficiency, and lead quality. By leveraging advanced optimization techniques and ongoing performance monitoring, ATAK empowered The Bid Lab to maximize their digital marketing ROI and drive sustainable growth in their business.

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