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Randstad RiseSmart

Randstad RiseSmart is a leading global talent mobility and outplacement company.


The Situation

Randstad RiseSmart is a leading global talent mobility and outplacement company. It provides clients with the tools and resources to improve employees’ engagement and skillsets by retraining and education. With over 5000 branches worldwide, Randstad RiseSmart is committed to devising new strategies for talent agility and helping employees expand their careers so that they can quickly respond to changes and opportunities. 

In October 2020, Randstad RiseSmart came to ATAK to overcome the following challenges:

  • It wasn’t maximizing its HubSpot infrastructure.
  • It needed to expand HubSpot to other territories, such as Asia and Europe.
  • It needed help with the implementation and launch of marketing initiatives using in-house content.

Randstad RiseSmart needed to move forward quickly and ATAK answered the call.


The Solution

To address the challenges faced by Randstad RiseSmart, ATAK implemented a comprehensive solution. They began by conducting a strategy day to onboard Randstad RiseSmart onto the HubSpot platform. This involved understanding the company's goals, requirements, and existing infrastructure.

ATAK then analyzed Randstad RiseSmart's HubSpot architecture and identified multiple separate HubSpot instances across different regions. The objective was to consolidate these instances into a single HubSpot instance called "Randstad RiseSmart Global." This consolidation streamlined their operations and improved efficiency by providing a unified platform to manage their marketing efforts.

In addition, ATAK worked on integrating Randstad RiseSmart's HubSpot instance with other tools and systems, such as Salesforce. This integration allowed for seamless data flow and improved the management of leads and customer interactions. By integrating these systems, Randstad RiseSmart gained a holistic view of their marketing activities and improved their overall marketing effectiveness.

To further enhance their marketing initiatives, ATAK developed and implemented automation workflows, customized email templates, and notifications within HubSpot. These automated processes helped streamline Randstad RiseSmart's marketing campaigns and improved their lead nurturing efforts. With customized workflows and templates, they were able to engage leads more efficiently and guide them through the sales funnel effectively.

ATAK also created lead distribution workflows to simplify the organization of leads and ensure efficient assignment to the appropriate members of the sales team based on regions. This streamlined the lead management process and improved the overall efficiency of their sales operations.


The Results

As a result of ATAK's comprehensive solution, Randstad RiseSmart achieved significant improvements across various aspects of their digital marketing efforts.

The consolidation of separate HubSpot instances into a single global instance called "Randstad RiseSmart Global" streamlined their HubSpot infrastructure. This consolidation improved the manageability and effectiveness of their HubSpot operations, allowing for more efficient marketing campaign execution.

With ATAK's support, Randstad RiseSmart successfully expanded their HubSpot usage to new territories, specifically Asia and Europe. This expansion enabled them to reach a broader audience and cater to the specific needs of different regions, helping them achieve their global growth objectives.

The implementation of automation workflows, customized email templates, and notifications within HubSpot enhanced the effectiveness of Randstad RiseSmart's marketing campaigns. By automating repetitive tasks and personalizing communications, they were able to engage leads more efficiently and nurture them through the sales funnel effectively.

ATAK's efforts resulted in the seamless integration of Randstad RiseSmart's HubSpot and Salesforce instances. This integration provided a comprehensive view of all marketing campaigns and their impact, enabling better decision-making and improving the overall efficiency of their lead management and sales processes.

ATAK also developed detailed dashboards and reports that provided Randstad RiseSmart with valuable insights into their marketing efforts. These reports included analytics, metrics, and performance data, empowering them to assess the success of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies.

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