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PURE Property Management

The Situation

PURE Property Management, a dynamic property management company with a national footprint, grappled with a complex scenario involving the use of multiple instances of LeadSimple across various markets. As they scaled and acquired businesses, each market had its own unique set of challenges. With a pressing need for a single source of truth, PURE approached ATAK to overcome the intricacies associated with migrating numerous CRM instances into one holistic environment. This specific case involved diverse pipeline automation, complex lead routing, tailored CRM experiences, custom processes, integrations, and the imperative to effectively track and manage a database of properties and units. Lastly, the migration needed to be frictionless so on Friday the PURE team could work in their LeadSimple environment — and come Monday morning, be able to work in their new migrated environment. 

The Solution

ATAK embarked on a journey to build a comprehensive strategy to address PURE's multifaceted challenges. The ultimate goal being to create a consistent and streamlined CRM environment that facilitates leadership reporting while leaning on automation and protecting individual users from information overload. 

The first hurdle involved customizing processes to align different deal stages from various markets into a cohesive, unified pipeline. This required a meticulous approach, considering that each market had its own distinct processes. Next, custom objects were crafted within HubSpot to mirror the intricate relationships with properties and units, ensuring a seamless transition of data from LeadSimple when the team was ready to migrate.

Once the foundation was established in HubSpot, the ATAK team prepared to migrate data from LeadSimple to HubSpot ensuring that all previously established associations remained intact and minimizing duplicate records. In total, we migrated nearly 30,000 records from 22 disjointed LeadSimple instances into one all-inclusive HubSpot portal. 

Following the migration, a major part of the solution encompassed tackling the complexities of form consolidation, website form tracking, and lead routing, especially considering the diverse sources from multiple websites. To address user segmentation needs, ATAK set up teams within HubSpot and established tailored permission sets. This ensured that team members could access only the data relevant to their markets and uphold continuous data governance. Lastly, an integration with RingCentral was established to streamline reporting and enhance communication capabilities, allowing agents to make calls directly from HubSpot. 



Unified Operations: The migration to HubSpot facilitated a seamless transition for PURE, enabling the entire team to operate within a singular system.

Streamlined Reporting: Reporting processes have been significantly streamlined within HubSpot, eliminating the need for manual data extraction to Excel.

Enhanced Data Accuracy: Meticulous exporting and importing efforts ensured data accuracy, overcoming challenges associated with LeadSimple's data associations.

Leadership Visibility: The leadership team now enjoys access to unified data for all markets, representing a substantial improvement from the fragmented systems in place previously.

Communication Efficiency: The integration of RingCentral allows agents to make calls directly from HubSpot, enhancing overall communication capabilities.

Geographical Segmentation: Data segmentation through teams and specific permission sets ensures that team members can access only the data relevant to their geographical regions.

Operational Consistency: A consistent and streamlined system has been established, facilitating leadership reporting while preventing information overload for individual teams.

Training Success: New user training was conducted, ensuring a smooth transition for the team as they adapted to the new HubSpot environment.

Ongoing Optimizations: While the initial migration was successful, ongoing efforts for further optimizations are in progress, ensuring continuous improvement in PURE's operational efficiency.

The collaborative efforts between PURE and ATAK resulted in a successful transformation of PURE's marketing and sales operations. The migration to HubSpot not only unified their CRM systems but also streamlined reporting, enhanced data accuracy, and improved communication efficiency. The leadership team now benefits from consolidated and accessible data, marking a significant departure from the challenges posed by fragmented systems. Geographical segmentation ensures operational consistency, balancing leadership reporting needs with team-specific relevance. The successful training implementation and ongoing optimization efforts reflect a commitment to continual improvement. In essence, the project stands as a testament to the efficacy of strategic CRM solutions in fostering operational cohesion and facilitating growth within a large and geographically diverse organization.

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