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Divinity Metals

See how Divinity Metals revamped their e-commerce, fueling business growth.

The Situation

Divinity Metals, a wholesale manufacturer specializing in jewelry piercing products, operates a B2B eCommerce website providing their products to wholesalers. Their business heavily relies on their e-commerce platform for managing orders, inventory, and customer interactions. Divinity came to ATAK with an existing website that faced numerous coding issues and lacked essential functionalities, leading to operational inefficiencies and customer frustration. They struggled with errors in shipping calculations, checkout, load time, email notification delivery, discrepancies between admin area updates and front-end display, and an inability to integrate their JobBOSS ERP system with the website. These challenges hampered their ability to manage orders effectively, resulting in wasted time and resources. Customers were turning to competitors for a better user experience. 

The Solution

Divinity Metals approached our team to address these issues and to fix their Laravel-based e-commerce platform. ATAK's Laravel-certified developers began by conducting a thorough assessment of their existing website, identifying the root causes of the problems. Our team then proceeded to clean up core website issues by fixing coding errors and implementing essential checkout and account features that were missing. We inherited a project that had gone astray, but through meticulous debugging and development, we restored functionality and stability to the platform.

Once the foundational issues were resolved, we embarked on a continuous improvement journey to enhance the system further. Some of the key improvements we implemented to date include:

1. Enhanced Custom Gold Shopping Experience: We optimized the browsing and purchasing process for gold products, making it more efficient for customers to find and order desired items.

2. Improved Customer Account Experience: We enhanced account notifications and introduced a credit option, allowing customers to receive credits for returned products or earned rewards, which could be automatically applied to future purchases.

3. Enhanced Navigation and Marketing Tools: We revamped website navigation, added marketing tools such as coupon codes, pop-ups, and email automations to boost customer engagement and retention.

4. Advanced Shipping and Payment Options: We integrated UPS, USPS, and FedEx for advanced shipping options and enabled multiple payment methods to provide customers with flexibility and convenience.

5. Enhanced Order Management and Reporting: We introduced features such as saved shopping lists for easier reordering, improved filtering on shop pages, and custom reporting for productivity and sales analysis.


The Results

Through our comprehensive solution, Divinity Metals experienced significant improvements in various aspects of their e-commerce operations:

1. Operational Efficiency: By resolving coding issues and implementing essential features, we streamlined order management processes, reducing management time and improving overall efficiency.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience: The improvements made to the website's functionality and user experience resulted in higher customer satisfaction and increased retention.

3. Improved Sales and Marketing: The addition of marketing tools, advanced shipping options, and multiple payment methods contributed to increased sales and revenue generation.

4. Seamless Integration with Job Boss ERP: By integrating the website with the JobBoss ERP system, Divinity Metals achieved seamless synchronization of inventory, order stats, and other essential data, further optimizing their operations.

In conclusion, our partnership with Divinity Metals demonstrates the transformative power of effective e-commerce solutions in driving business growth and efficiency in the wholesale manufacturing industry.

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