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Create the Change

The Situation

Create the Change (formerly known as Project Giving Kids), a non-profit organization with a 15-year history, has dedicated itself to connecting children with community-based activities, fostering engagement, and providing opportunities for kids aged 7 and above to actively participate in their communities. However, faced with an outdated website that was challenging to update and did not reflect the organization's mission effectively, Create the Change sought a rebrand and redesign to breathe new life into its online presence.

The existing website was not only visually unappealing but also presented difficulties in updating content. Recognizing the need for a fresh start, Create the Change approached ATAK to transform its digital identity, enhance their overall user experience, and improve end-to-end reporting for their users, donors, and non-profit partners.


The Solution

To address the challenges faced by Create the Change, ATAK devised a comprehensive solution that began with a strategic rebranding initiative. The organization was rebranded as "Create the Change," aligning with an engaging event in which schools actively participated. This rebranding effort aimed to attract both parents and children, featuring a modern design with ample white space to appeal to the target audience.

ATAK played a pivotal role in redesigning and revamping the website, ensuring it reflected the organization's new brand and provided a user-friendly experience for both administrators and visitors. To streamline operations, Create the Change decided to leverage HubSpot's Marketing Hub and Content Management System (CMS). While initially considering the default membership functionality within HubSpot, the non-profit found it financially prohibitive. Opting for Content Hub Professional, ATAK then custom-built the required functionality to store user data and track completed activities, including donations made directly through HubSpot.

The implementation included the creation of smarter automation, specifically targeting individuals with a history of past donations. This feature allowed for more personalized engagement and reinforced the importance of donor relationships.

Moreover, ATAK tailored the HubSpot setup to accommodate non-profit partners, automatically generating dynamic pages for each partner based on edits made directly from their user accounts. This feature empowered partners to log in and edit their respective pages, essentially creating mini-websites within the larger Create the Change platform, without requiring administrative support from the Create the Change team. 


Our Process

The collaboration with ATAK resulted in a transformation for Create the Change, yielding significant improvements in various aspects of their digital presence.

The rebrand to "Create the Change" breathed new life into the organization's identity, fostering a more engaging and appealing image.

The website overhaul provided a faster and more user-friendly experience for administrators managing content, partners, and pages. The modern design and improved functionality catered to both parents and children, enhancing overall engagement with all of the available service/volunteer opportunities on the website.

The adoption of HubSpot's Marketing Hub and Content Hub allowed Create the Change to streamline its operations and leverage advanced automation capabilities, improving the efficiency of its marketing efforts. Previously, Create the Change had 10-15 other tools in their tech stack, all of which were replaced by HubSpot.

Custom-built functionality within HubSpot facilitated the tracking of user activities, including donations, offering valuable insights for reporting and decision-making. Their new end-to-end user and donor reporting makes it easier for the Create the Change team to apply for additional grants, thus helping them reach more children and introduce them to the power of giving back to their local community.  

Non-profit partners benefited from the automatic page creation feature, empowering them to edit their pages directly, and enhancing collaboration and communication within the community. The new non-profit dashboard enables the partners Create the Change works with to add new volunteer opportunities and events directly to the associated HubDB tables, which in turn dynamically create pages without the need for any hands-on support. 

In summary, Create the Chanfe successfully revitalized its online presence, creating a platform that not only reflects its mission but also facilitates improved user experiences and community engagement. 

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