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Contractor Commerce

The Situation

Contractor Commerce, a dynamic company specializing in providing a plug-and-play online store solution for contractors, found itself at a crossroads. With a focus on helping contractors turn their websites into robust e-commerce platforms, Contractor Commerce faced challenges with its existing CRM, ActiveCampaign. The limitations of ActiveCampaign, including issues with deal management and email communications, prompted the company to seek a more robust and mature CRM solution to build out an efficient sales process.

The primary pain points for Contractor Commerce revolved around the constraints of ActiveCampaign. In particular, the inability to set deals to a closed status without sacrificing ongoing communication with clients presented a significant hurdle. The desire for a more sophisticated CRM solution was further fueled by the need for enhanced capabilities to support the company's unique business model of providing plug-and-play online stores for contractors.


The Solution

In response to Contractor Commerce's challenges, ATAK formulated a comprehensive solution, starting with the migration from ActiveCampaign to HubSpot. This involved transferring a substantial amount of data, including emails and tasks, to ensure a seamless transition and the preservation of historical interactions with prospects and customers. ATAK also utilized a third-party migration tool, Import2, to facilitate the transfer of emails from the previous CRM to HubSpot.

Post-migration, the focus shifted to configuring and optimizing HubSpot, primarily within the Sales Hub. The ATAK team collaborated with Contractor Commerce to design and automate their entire sales process, taking into account various stages such as demo scheduling, missed demos, and free trials. The aim was to create a streamlined and automated sales process to increase the velocity of deals through the pipeline.


Our Process

While specific hard KPIs were not available due to limited access to the CRM, the changes implemented by ATAK resulted in several notable outcomes for Contractor Commerce:

Streamlined Sales Process: The automated sales process and regular scheduled automations contributed to a more efficient and streamlined sales process. This increased velocity in moving deals through the pipeline.

Enhanced Onboarding Process: ATAK worked closely with both the sales and customer experience (CX) teams to automate the onboarding process. This not only accelerated the onboarding of new clients but also provided documentation for ongoing reference.

Lifecycle Stage and Lead Status Optimization: ATAK implemented lifecycle stages and lead statuses within HubSpot, enabling Contractor Commerce to measure and analyze where leads were in the buyer's journey. This allowed for insights into conversion time frames and the effectiveness of their sales process.

Improved Visibility and Documentation: Contractor Commerce gained a comprehensive view of its automated processes, facilitating ongoing improvements and allowing teams to refer back to documentation for clarity on how everything worked together.

In conclusion, ATAK's collaboration with Contractor Commerce resulted in a successful migration to HubSpot, the implementation of an automated and streamlined sales process, and improved visibility into the customer journey. The enhancements provided Contractor Commerce with the tools and capabilities needed to drive their unique business model forward.

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