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Gaviña Coffee Solutions

ATAK helped Gaviña Coffee Solutions through website redesign, HubSpot-Salesforce integration, and targeted marketing, resulting in increased lead generation and brand recognition.


The Situation

Gaviña Coffee Solutions is a leading coffee roaster and distributor in the United States. As a heritage brand, you’ve probably tasted one of Gaviña’s single-origin coffees or blends before – at your local cafe or a national foodservice chain.

In 2020, Gaviña came to ATAK to overcome a few challenges:

  • Its B2B website wasn’t optimized to convert its traffic into leads.
  • Its industry expertise in coffee was not reflected on the company’s website.
  • It needed to flesh out its specific lead nurturing process.

Gaviña Coffee Solutions needed to move forward and ATAK answered the call.

The Solution

We onboarded Gaviña Coffee Solutions with strategy day. From there, we developed a list of the obstacles we needed to overcome quickly:

  • WordPress site redesign and reorganization
  • HubSpot-Salesforce integration
  • B2B programs development
  • B2B lead generation
  • HubSpot workflow automation, email templates, and custom notifications
  • SEO on-page optimization

Our Process

In order to push things forward, we ATAK-ed the list. We dove straight into the site redesign and reorganization, building out the content and refreshing the site’s imagery. We focused on fleshing out the brand’s beverage and partner programs to better communicate Gaviña’s full-service offerings, beyond providing quality coffee. In just three months, we produced a beautiful website that stayed true to the brand’s identity and demonstrated Gaviña’s industry leadership.

During the course of redesigning Gaviña’s website, we devised and launched a Google AdWords campaign, as well as campaigns on both Facebook and LinkedIn to generate new foodservice leads. Lead quality was continuously monitored to ensure our leads were sales qualified. We also took over Gaviña’s social media platforms to develop micro-campaigns and boost its digital presence and overall brand awareness.

Next, we followed up with technical integrations. We integrated HubSpot with the team’s Salesforce account to align our sales and marketing efforts. We developed engagement and nurturing workflows for B2B leads, email templates for the sales teams, and activated email marketing efforts.

With Gavina’s site refreshed, we continued optimizing its website for organic search. Our analytics team increased site speed and optimized the site for mobile and search engines to turn Gaviñ into a B2B lead generating machine.


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