6 Reasons to Choose React Web Dev through B2B Agency | ATAK Interactive

6 Reasons to Choose React Web Dev through B2B Agency | ATAK Interactive

By David Ephraim, ATAK Interactive President, Development + Operations

Programming is a field that is always evolving and changing, which is why there's no shortage of available libraries for front-end development. However, variety doesn't always mean high-quality. User interfaces are one of the most important aspects of any website, even more so nowadays wherein most sites need to adapt to multiple devices. Developers need to have access to the most powerful tools possible to make their brand’s website stand out from the rest. This means that front-end development demands not only the creativity and technical know-how but also the awareness of the common pitfalls and shortcomings in the industry to address common development problems. In short, while talent goes a long way, being informed and having the proper tools is crucial to a website’s success. When it comes to modern and intuitive front-end development, React has everything you need.

What is React?

React LogoReact, also known as React JS, is currently one of the most popular and widely used libraries for front-end development, which refers to the user interfaces that we interact with daily. It has become a standard in quality when it comes to coding user interfaces. As a JavaScript library, React JS is a pre-written code that allows web programmers to add functions to their website without having to write code from scratch. Designed for front-end development, React is a programming code specialized in user interfaces, making it a reliable tool for web design and development. But what exactly makes it stand out from the rest?

React is a code centered around "components" which can be freely chosen by the programmer and can be updated in real-time. This means that as a library, React is very versatile in its execution and is also interactive for the user. Its simplicity is its strongest asset; its unique library allows businesses to display visually impressive interfaces that are also fully interactive and don't require the user to reload the page.

As a whole, React is an excellent pick for any developer looking to pick up a new front-end development project. React is easy to pick up and offers robust functionality and results that are visually impressive. When it comes to websites that are meant to display attractive information on multiple devices, you can't go wrong with React. With this in mind, we have compiled the top 6 reasons to choose React JS for web development. Keep reading to discover everything that a React Web Development Agency like ATAK Interactive has in store for you.

1. Easy to Use

The first thing that stands out to users when it comes to using React is how much more approachable the software is compared to other available alternatives. While programming will always have some degree of complexity, React as a whole is considerably straightforward due to the way React is designed.

As mentioned earlier, React is designed around the idea of "components," which can be defined by the user as needed. This means that compared to more wordy libraries, React JS allows the programmer to program different elements separately in an organized manner, which makes the user’s workload more manageable. React also uses a JSX syntax which allows it to integrate HTML, making it much easier to insert existing code. 

Of course, this doesn't mean React doesn't come with its own learning curve. The versatility of this library means there's a lot to master in the long run; however, due to its simplicity, beginners will be able to approach the software with ease and efficiency.

2. Rich User Interfaces

Another reason to use React is because of its rich user interfaces. A website's interface is at the core of the entire user experience, which is why you need a library that offers ease of use and produces high-quality designs and functionalities. Thankfully, React has an extensive selection of features that make it great from a visual and performance standpoint. Let's take a deeper look as to why React is the best framework for designing rich user interfaces.

React helps build easily testable, rich user interfaces, which allows users to effortlessly identify the different parts of the code they are using. Additionally, errors will likely be self-contained and easy to locate. React also comes pre-packaged with various testing tools that help to identify problems and offer potential solutions. Beyond testing, it's important to acknowledge that React allows for a wide variety of commands from a simple syntax, which makes the code architecture more streamlined, allowing for sites to be more approachable and stable for both the user and programmer. Since React operates fully on JavaScript integrated for HTML, the interfaces it creates don't demand anything from its user. Any user visualizing a website designed on React will be able to access all its functions without the need for plugins or additional programs because their browser already covers everything they need. This ensures that any visitor or potential client will be able to experience your site without issues.

A positive browsing experience can completely change the way users approach and interact with a brand. If you build a positive and impactful experience, users are more likely to return to your site and spend more time on it. However, if a website has visualization or interactivity issues, users will lose interest quickly. Content won't matter if the user interface is built poorly, which is why proper UI/UX design is so important.

Code on laptop screen

3. Productivity Boost

Earlier, we dove into how React is easy to use, but it's also important to shed light on how it is efficient. Simplicity on its own won't mean much if the library is slow or unresponsive. React, once again, stands out as one of the most efficient libraries for developers.

React is synonymous with fast development. For developers and programmers, this is great news because it allows them to get more content out in a shorter time frame. To start, React offers very fast rendering, which not only speeds up the visualization for users but also the testing phase. When it comes to the coding itself, the main advantage of React is that it offers tools and reusable components explicitly designed to help you save time. Because React is fully centered around components, it allows the library to seamlessly execute its functions. For many projects, functions are reused multiple times. With React, repetitive tasks will be executed much quicker.

React has an extensive selection of tools that boost productivity and efficiency. React DevTools is an impressive plugin that allows you to analyze the component hierarchies directly in your web browser. It's a great tool both for testing and for learning how other sites manage to insert features users may not have mastered yet. Additionally, the system is designed to work with various optional tools like TypeScript, which allows users to compile their website while still programming on the traditional React environment. React can also easily interact with most Java and JSX libraries and functions, letting users apply their knowledge of other libraries to help speed up their React coding.

At the end of the day, efficiency means everything in a business. Programmers who can complete projects faster, at a higher quality, will not only be able to fit more work into their schedule but make their clients more satisfied.

4. SEO-Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important features of creating a website. Outside of specifically targeted marketing campaigns, most people will discover a website through their search results on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This means that being SEO-friendly is an important consideration when it comes to the library developers use for front-end development. 

Today’s SEO goes beyond just keywords and understanding how searches can crawl your website plays a major role. Both Google and Bing have gone through various upgrades to ensure the proper visualization of JavaScript websites. Since React loads and runs websites on JavaScript, it positions itself in a great spot for generating SEO-friendly websites. Websites created with React will be indexed without issue and search engines will be able to rank them properly. Additionally, a major component of SEO is the good user experience. For example, Google ranks websites based on their speed, mobile-friendliness, and interactiveness. React provides all of these components in a single library, which means that it will play a large role in the positive ranking of a site.

Another key advantage of React when it comes to SEO is its versatility. Many traditional apps run on the client-side; however, search engines like Google have had issues with this in the past. Oftentimes, the automatic crawling process runs through a client-side app and finds no browser associated with it, leading the bot to assume the page is empty. React allows developers to create Ismoprohic Apps, which run on both the client and server sides. This allows React to keep its functions while working in a way that is better suited for SEO.

Netflix dashboard on iMac

5. Trusted by Big Companies

The best way to know if a product or service is reliable is by looking at its adopters. If a product has a lot of users, it is a good indicator that it provides multiple advantages and benefits on the user’s end. In this sense, React stands out from the rest due to the sheer number of successful brands that have adopted it. Given their enhanced user experience properties, it's easy to see just how reliable and stable React is.

Some of the largest businesses in the industry today, such as Netflix, PayPal, and Facebook have chosen to use React for their websites. The variety of companies that use React is a testament to its versatility and how robust its framework is. Netflix and PayPal offer completely different services; however, when it comes down to it, each website is made with the user experience in mind. With PayPal, reliability and a straightforward visual presentation are the main focus. After all, when it comes to bank transfers there can't be any room for errors. On the other hand, Netflix needs to be able to switch between multiple visual elements in a matter of seconds without slowing down, as the platform needs to work on just about any internet connection. This not only shows the number of loads that React can endure but also is a great example of how React components can be adapted to almost any setting or need.

So why are they using React? Simple, the quality is undeniable. We've gone into detail to explain why React is a great pick for developers, but the user experience React provides shouldn't be underestimated. React is dynamic, visually interesting, and very fast. All of these traits are great on their own, but together they allow businesses to offer websites with an uncontested user experience. React websites are easy to understand, visually attractive, and work very well, which makes users far more likely to spend additional time on them.

6. Strong Community Support

The best part about a library with many companies using it is that new users are bound to find a lot of support when starting out. Because React is designed to be easy to learn with rich user interfaces and tools, it is being used by many companies, both large and small. This means that the current React community is incredibly large.

With more and more businesses using React for front-end development, its community is larger than ever. A quick Google search will turn out countless groups focused on improving the current library. For those looking to help or improve, the official React website will redirect users to online communities specialized in specific areas of React. Not only that but React is one of the top 5 rated repositories on GitHub, a platform that exists solely to share software. Because React is open-source, anybody can improve or modify the library, which is the reason the community is so vast and active. A glimpse into the GitHub React community is all that a programmer needs to find unique builds that specialize in different areas of web development.

On top of all this, React offers a variety of tutorials and guides that are very clear and thorough. It has its own set of detailed community guidelines and set of standards. The content provided in these tutorials and guides will not only allow users to fully master React but also help those around them. Their website is one of the most important resources for developers not only due to its curated selection of resources but its fast response time and excellent customer service, which is a rarity amongst open-source libraries.

Key Takeaways

As the face of front-end development in the current market, React ultimately offers a straightforward library that is easy to use, robust, and versatile. With its improved efficiencies, component-focused syntax, SEO-friendliness, and large community, React offers an environment of enhanced productivity. To stay relevant, brands and businesses must start using React in order to not only make the most out of their front-end development and tech stacks but also offer the kind of experience modern users demand.

React is here to stay, but that doesn't mean you have to be alone in this transition. Here at ATAK Interactive, we are ready to assist you. As a certified HubSpot marketing agency, we have profuse knowledge in React and together, we can make sure your website incorporates React efficiently while optimizing the user experience. Contact us today and bring your website to the future of web development.

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