Architecting and Optimizing Campaigns that Drive ROI.

Whether you need a large integrated campaign or a focused performance campaign, we help increase conversions and understand attribution.

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How We Optimize Campaigns


Campaign Strategy

ATAK works hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their goals, data, audience, and brand. With this foundation, we build both integrated and focused campaigns to hit the identified KPIs.


Campaign Creative

With a strategy in place, ATAK will begin flushing out multiple creative approaches for our upcoming A/B tests. Whether pitching clear + concise copy or designing lead magnets, our team can cover your creative needs.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Utilizing the 6 Pillars of Persuasion, ATAK builds landing pages that provide prospects and customers multiple opportunities to opt into your product or service based on where they are in the customer journey.


A/B Test Campaigns

Before utilizing a full budget, we want to test campaign elements such as creative, keywords, and/or demographics to understand what resonates with our target audience.


Data-Driven Optimizations

After launching A/B tests, we will use the performance + engagement data to help us leverage which campaigns, budgets, demographics, and more are providing the highest ROI.


Reports + Dashboards

We develop custom reports + dashboards for all your campaigns. ATAK’s reports ensure that you have visibility to all data points needed to properly evaluate campaign performance.


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What To Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Within a typical Campaign Management engagement lies two propositions: 1) the desire for increased conversions + revenue and 2) the reality that there are obstacles/challenges to getting there. Those challenges we often refer to as “foundational work,” and while every company is different, we expect that foundational work to typically take at least one month. However, once our foundational work is complete, we believe the quantifiable results will be seen within 60 days.
Our agency believes that when a company invests in a partner like ATAK Interactive, they want two things: 1) the agency to follow-through on everything we said we would do and 2) the agency to make what was not working perform at a more optimal level. To achieve this, we have developed proprietary software for elite client management that houses all progress, automates meetings, and creates 100% visibility into our work. Additionally, we have the motto “you grow, or we go,” putting our performance on the line month-over-month to prove we are more than an agency, we are a true growth partner.
ATAK does NOT charge you based on the size of your ad spend, but rather, the hours we devote to the campaign. Everything is scoped based on our $150/hr rate. Our guarantee is that if you don’t feel you get value working with us the first month, you don’t have to pay.
With every campaign, there are multiple areas that can be optimized. For instance, in a Google campaign, we would look through campaign impressions, click-through rates, average ad position, conversions on the landing page, and the amount of form fills that lead to either sales or sales-qualified leads. We would measure these data points up to industry standards, and see where your campaigns were missing the mark. Wrong keywords? Poor ad creative? Bad landing page experience? The answers are in the data. We’d take these findings, along with the strategy we’ve built, to begin making the optimizations needed to increase conversions.
Everything starts by building the right strategy. When we spend the time learning about your goals, it will help us understand factors like campaign distribution channels, targeting, budget, etc. With a firm grasp on both the strategy and implementation needs, we will get to work executing your campaigns. But before the campaigns go live, we will ensure that the reporting and measurement of the campaigns is aggregated in an easy-to-digest dashboard in the platform of your choice (ie - Google Analytics, HubSpot, Databox, etc.).

“When ATAK came to me and said we needed to integrate our Salesforce with HubSpot, I was dubious. HubSpot’s ‘the more you blog, the more you grow’ strategy never seemed right to me. But when ATAK took me under the hood of the technology so I could see just how powerful the tool could be for my sales team, we had to dive in. Two years later, leads are at an all-time high, our sales team has the customer intelligence they need to customize pitches, and so much of our communication is automated that our people are closing more deals than ever before. This has been the perfect investment for us.”

Dave Miller

Managing Director - Nova Polymers

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