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Ethos Tracking

Ethos Tracking

The Situation

In 2021, Emily Kane Miller, founder and CEO of a leading Social Impact firm Ethos Giving, came to ATAK to create Ethos Tracking, the software platform she has dreamed of using herself while serving in previous roles such as VP of Philanthropy & Community Affairs at The Wonderful Company, leading the organization's award-winning philanthropic efforts. Understanding excellent social impact takes hard work, passion, and expertise, Emily envisioned a more seamless approach to data collection, reporting, and then demonstrating all ways businesses, non-profits, foundations, and families are making an impact today. She wanted to build a solution that simplifies and amplify's the work being done across an organization.

Ethos Tracking is a Social Impact Platform made by social impact professionals, for social impact professionals. This platform gives leaders and teams the most focussed and organized data they desire to be more effective, efficient, responsve, and strategic. Ethos Tracking offers best in class tracking, data management, and reporting with the goal to make more lasting, impactful, dynamic change in society.


Application Dashboard

The Strategy

This project started with 4 strategy sessions. We met with all key stakeholders to understand the route issues we were trying to solve for and why Ethos Tracking, “the software,” is really needed. We did a bit of a competitor deep dive (SWOT), but we mainly focussed on who was going to use Ethos Tracking and where each user needed to interact with this software solution for Emily’s vision to really work. We created detailed specifications for each user and then did similar exercises for the administration experience.

The result of our strategy work was (1) a detailed feature set with wireframes, a roadmap so to speak, and (2) the ability to make a final decision on the appropriate technology stack for the application we were about to build. After careful consideration, including 3rd party software integrations, we decided to go with a modern Javascript (React) front-end and a PHP-based back-end framework.

Website Design

Responsive Website Design for

The Design & Development Process:

From our Wireframes, ATAK’s UX design team went to work. All designs for each business type and all user types were designed over 90 days via Figma. The design work included every single screen the application required (and every variation for each user type) from the user dashboard, to intake form design, to reporting pages, search tools/filters, settings pages, and much more.

When all design was complete we then did all development, in stages, over 8 months, meeting weekly with the Ethos Tracking team. Our development team worked on the front and back end simultaneously to deliver the MVP. When the MVP was ready, the ATAK and Ethos teams stress-tested the application, and launched beta shortly after, with key clients.

ATAK Interactive also designed and developed the Ethos Tracking website. We developed this website with Strapi, a headless content management system. The site speed scores are phenomenal.

Today Ethos Tracking is live, and our broader community is benefiting from it. ATAK is working week over week, alongside the Ethos Tracking team, as we continuously improve the software. As the business grows and evolves we learn more and more about our user behavior and all of the types of giving users do. We continue to optimize, month over month, to maintain the positive reputation garnered thus far.

Our work includes:

  • Redesigned and built 4 new websites on open source frameworks
  • Developed a custom Learning Management System for
  • Developed a custom ERP and custom invoicing system for licensee payments
  • Upgraded brand identity for all Lagree brands
  • Optimized all sites for search engines (SEO)
  • Created Print Collateral for gym members and new customers
  • Added an E-Commerce Store to the Studio Site
  • Expanded email marketing campaigns
  • Created the Megaformer Challenge Online Contest for 2017 and beyond
  • Added an International Gym Locator so customers can find locations by Zip Code or Country
  • Upgraded the online video library to new dedicated host for better UX
  • Website Hosting, Support, and Management for all online assets

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