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What We Do

We build strategy through structure. Our M2S Framework gives you clarity on how your ideas can lead to actual results.



  • Vision
  • Brand
  • Audience
  • Data

Strategic Plan

  • Attract (Lead Gen)
  • Convert (CRO)
  • Close (Sales)
  • Delight (Success)


  • Technology
  • Content
  • Processes
  • Resources

Part I: Purpose

Define Who You Are + Where You Want to Go

Identify the fundamentals needed to grow your business



Creating clarity on where you want to go is a foundational part of growing a business. When you identify what the goals are, your purpose as an organization, and what success actually looks like, you can “paint the promised land” for your company to strive towards.


Having a strong brand means knowing who you are and why it matters. Unlike some strategies, we simplify brand building for organizations looking to define who they are, explain what they do differently, and showcase the social proof that fulfills their promise to the world.


Making data-driven decisions starts with understanding your data. What are the metrics that matter most to your growth? How are they currently benchmarked? And once we know this, how do we use these numbers to build KPIs that we can track, measure, and optimize week-over-week?



Every business markets to different customer segments. By outlining what these segments are and diving into the goals, obstacles, demographics, and tendencies of each, we are able to understand how to approach them.

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Part II: Strategic Plan

Build Your Marketing -to-Sales Maps

Turning your Vision into a Strategic Plan

With the foundational elements of your business defined, it's time to put them into action. Our simple process makes it easy to turn your ideas into a concrete plan that works within your budget.


Part III: Implementation

Develop the Right Marketing-to-Sales Structure

Turning your Vision into a Strategic Plan


Building the Strategy


The Gap

  • Technology

  • Content

  • Processes

  • Resources


Executing the Strategy

Common Obstacles Needed to Close “The Gap”

Areas of Focus to Properly Implement Your Plan






An Extension of EOS + Other Frameworks

At ATAK, we believe there is “strength in structure.” We run our organization on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and work with many clients that get “traction” using it for operations. But what about growth? That’s why we built the M2S framework - to help like-minded companies bring structure to their marketing + sales process. We use similar tools to help our clients extrapolate their vision and have a detailed plan on how to turn it into a reality. 


Austin LaRoche, Creator of the M2S Framework

Simplifying the Fractional CMO

When you work with ATAK to develop your Marketing-to-Sales Framework, you get the leadership and guidance of a CMO at a cost that makes your CFO happy. We cut out the fat of a marketing plan and stick to what’s actually going to help you grow. Every tactic has a purpose and KPI attached to it. You will love how quickly your growth efforts can get aligned and start working towards a better tomorrow.

Implement the Framework

Get a FREE Copy of the M2S Framework

Are you looking for a structured approach to your company’s growth? Download the M2S Framework and put your vision into a process that actually gets results. Structure is your first strategy. Get organized and get on track marketing-to-sales.

Download the Complete M2S Framework Here

The M2S Framework Difference


Before the M2S Framework

  • Cross-2 Unclear connection between Marketing + Sales
  • Cross-2 Great Ideas that Don't Get Executed On
    No clarity on how to measure ROI
  • Cross-2 Lack of unique messaging with a POV
  • Cross-2 Technology not being used optimally Throwing darts and hoping something sticks

After Adopting the M2S Framework

  • Red-Tick Clarity on the what, why, and how of all marketing activity
  • Red-Tick Technology fully optimized to support sales
  • Red-Tick Ideas flushed out and distributed at different stages of the Customer Lifecycle
  • Red-Tick Firm message that differentiates you from competitors
  • Red-Tick Purpose for all marketing + sales investments

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Common Strategy Questions and Answers

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a plan of action used to promote and sell a product or service. It outlines the specific tactics, channels, resources, and timeline to help a business reach its marketing and sales goals.

How does a marketing strategy help my business?

A marketing strategy helps your business by providing a plan of action that outlines specific goals and objectives, as well as the tactics that will be used to achieve those goals. This strategy should be tailored to the unique needs of your business and should include both traditional and digital marketing tactics.

What should I consider when creating a marketing strategy?

You should identify your target audience and develop a clear understanding of who they are and what they need and want. Also, you should determine your marketing goals and objectives, and set realistic timelines for achieving them.

What are the most effective marketing strategies?

Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Paid Advertising

How long does it take to create a successful marketing strategy?

It can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to create a successful marketing strategy. It largely depends on the size of the business, the complexity of the strategy, and the resources available.

How do I choose the right marketing channels for my strategy?

When deciding which marketing channels to use for your strategy, it is important to consider the goals of your strategy, the target audience, and the resources available.