Design that pops. Copy that persuades.
Video that inspires.

The ATAK Way


Massimo Vignelli, the creator of the famous 1972 New York subway map once said:

"Good design is a matter of discipline. It starts by looking at the problem and collecting all the available information about it. If you understand the problem, you have the solution. It’s really more about logic than imagination."

We couldn’t agree more. ATAK’s purposeful design supports our clients’ identity and growth goals. Making concepts look pretty is easy. Making them effective is more challenging. Punctually, we do both.

Logo + Identity Design
• Logos
• Brand Bibles
• Corporate Style Guides

Digital + Web Design
• Websites
• UI + UX Dashboards
• Keynote Presentations

Print + Collateral Design
• Ads
• Brochures
• Billboards
• Trade Show Booths

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Print and Collateral Design


Show. Don’t tell.

Through vivid details and strong storytelling, ATAK will write persuasive copy that will compel prospects and customers alike.

We can conceptualize your communication strategy as well as delight your current audience with the power of language.

Brand Identity
• Taglines
• Positioning Statement

Content Marketing
• Website Copy
• Blogs
• White Papers

conceptualize your communication strategy

Video Production

We produce a very specific type of film – short, unscripted documentaries that provide business owners and leadership teams the opportunity to tell their story.

See our most recent example:

We show up on set to scout our location and determine our needs and learn about your business. We go back and provide a complete scope and proposal thereafter.

On Set
We shoot on RED cameras and have access to other equipment such as drones, lighting, and other day-of needs. Our Director runs the day(s), with clear call times for interviews, b-roll, and any other necessary shots.

We cut three final videos:
• The Anthem Video. The full 3-5 minute documentary.
• The One-Minute Cutdown. Businesses typically use these for advertisements and in the back ground at trade shows.
• 15 second Web Loop. Perfect for the background header of your website.


Use our Style Discovery Tool to get your project on the right creative path.

Integrated Dashboard Tool