A B2B Marketing Strategy Built on Accountability.

An Introduction to the Purposeful Marketing Method


Purposeful Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing strategies can be difficult to build and even harder to manage. That’s why we developed the Purposeful Marketing Method, a simplified and results-focused approach that integrates B2B marketing efforts into real business development. 

There are four stages to the method. We start by building a purposeful strategy, bridging any gaps that exist among the brand, data, audience, and marketing-to-sales map. Next, we build the proper foundation for all of our future efforts. Then we build out quarterly sprints based on 90 day goals. Lastly, we optimize our efforts along the way to ensure we’re hitting goals and surpassing KPIs.


Bridge Strategy Gaps

Strategy Development

Marketing Budget
Growth Vision
Brand Identity
Communication Strategy
Value Propositions
Target Personas/ICP
Data Tracking
Marketing-to-Sales Map
Annual + Quarterly Goal Development


Build the Foundation

Ramping Up for Success

Creative Direction
Weekly Meeting Structures
KPI Trackers
CRM Architecture
Software + Tool Integration
Conversion Tracking Setup
File Architecture
Passwords + Access


Quarterly Sprints

Executing + Getting Results

Lead Generation
Sales Enablement
Creative Content Development
Paid Social Media
Paid Search
Inbound Marketing
Web Development



Continued Performance Evaluation

Weekly Progress Meetings
Weekly Review of KPIs
Weekly Calendar Review
Monthly Reporting
Quarterly Goal Setting
Annual Goal Setting

Who is the Purposeful Marketing Method for?

The PMM is for B2B companies looking to use marketing efforts to grow. Many organizations invest in marketing because they know they’re supposed to. But they spend money on ads, agencies, and ideas without any understanding of why they’re doing what they’re doing, how it’s going to work, or its relationship to sales growth. If you’re one of these companies, the PMM was built for you.

Does your company want to…

  • Persuasively communicate your brand through messaging and visuals?
  • Develop a marketing budget focused on what will provide a return?
  • Invest effectively in marketing efforts at each step of the customer lifecycle?
  • Eliminate the noise and focus on the things that really help you grow?
  • Organize, execute, and track your marketing systems?

Get the Most Out Of Your:

Marketing Automation
Paid Ad Performance
Creative Content
MarTech Stack
Marketing-to-Sales Map
Campaign Performance
Sales Efforts
Marketing Budget

Get Traction With:

Sales Enablement
Inbound Marketing
Strategic Development
CRM + MarTech
Paid Ad Performance
Strategic Partnerships
Creative Solutions
Reporting + Analytics

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