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Spears and Arrows



Spears and Arrows is a commercial production company located in Los Angeles that specializes in automobile and furniture commercials, but also work with other products. They had hired a website designer to help with their existing website, but switched to ATAK when they realized that they needed more than just design work.

The previous firm had started work on the design and graphics, but we were brought in to complete and improve upon the existing graphic design. We were their choice to complete the work because they wanted the ability to offer clients highly customized options and we were able to deliver on that promise.

Spears and Arrows needed a site that could tell their story in a simpler format that showcased their past work. They also needed to be able to quickly and easily show demos of the director’s commercial work through the site. As well, their social media presence needed revamping and refining.


We integrated a WordPress content management system to help highlight their work and to make it easier to edit content on the back end. They designed a vertical site that allowed Spears and Arrows to tell their story on a 1-page platform. The site is also now mobile-friendly. Since they’ve simplified the process, they are getting more conversions and inquiries since it’s easier to navigate the site and find information.

Spears and Arrows also had an issue with their Facebook account where content was not appearing correctly. We fixed this issue and integrated Facebook and Instagram with the site.

Our Work Includes:

  • Custom website integration that built upon and improved work of previous designer
  • Content implementation
  • Integrated WordPress content management system
  • Custom social media integration
  • Integrated Wiredrive cloud-based video sharing
  • Logo refresh


more work