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RX4 Group


The Situation

The RX4 group is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping health professionals grow their business.

RX4 consults and manages the administration side of their client’s practices so they run efficiently, smoothly, and profitably.  Doctors can then concentrate on doing what they do best: helping patients. Currently, RX4 serves 36 different sectors of the health care industry.

They came to ATAK requiring a site that focuses on how they can solve problems and identify pain points for their clients. They wanted a site that could highlight the 1-on-1 consulting side the business, along with the classes that RX4 offers. RX4 also needed an easy intake process that would allow site visitors to request more information and to submit inquiries, and for the site to handle scheduling and planning classes.

The Solution

We set out to create a website that gets clients to appreciate and understand what RX4 does. They started out with an integrated splash video at the top of the site to grab the attention of visitors. A vertical design was used to make it simple to understand what clients would get from RX4 and how it would help them. Examples of RX4’s 3 main tenets: change, innovate, and grow, are now featured near the top of the page through pop-up graphics.

The site outlines the process for working with them including meeting in person, and has a free PDF download for further information. Gated content areas were created so that RX4 could deliver information to specific client types in specific formats.

The CEO, John Warner, is a skilled and prolific writer, so we created a dynamic blog and news section for him to create content for other sites, such as LinkedIn and other social media that can be linked back to RX4’s site. The site is a parallax, which is a dynamic design that creates a feeling of 3D depth and provides a stunning visual for site visitors. We worked in close consultation with the client to identify and feature RX4’s key strengths on their navigation bar.

Those strengths include the Dr. Warner’s communication and consulting skills, an impressive management team, and a clear and concise process for working with RX4. Information regarding all of these strengths is easily accessible through the navigation bar. The site also features whitpapers, case studies, and industry specific information for users to get a good feel for how RX4 can solve their problems.

Our Services Included:

  • Graphic Design
  • Custom Theme Integration
  • Custom Coding
  • Systems Integration Between Various 3rd Party Softwares
  • Sign-Up Processing System
  • Gated Content areas to deliver information to specific client types
  • Worked in Close Consultation With Large Management Group to Ensure All Were Satisfied
  • Social Media Integration
  • Calendar and Event Planning
  • Integrated Video and Imagery to Captivate Visitors


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