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Rare Gourmet Meats


The Situation

Based in Los Angeles, California, Rare Gourmet Meats is a service that delivers high-end gourmet meats to your door. It was born out of the idea that families should have access to the same meats that professional chefs serve in restaurants. It is geared towards those who simply want the best.

To grow their business, Debbie Rocker and Shelly Youree (founders) needed a custom website that would allow for online ordering. It was also critical that their brand imaging match their high-end meat products.  

The Solution

We met with Debbie Rocker and decided to build a custom site based on WordPress. We introduced e-commerce to the brand to allow for online ordering and gift purchases.

In consultation with RARE, we undertook brand identity development to ensure that the look and feel of the site matched the high-end products being sold. Product images were added to showcase the amazing products.  

We also served as the creative team and implemented a marketing campaign that has resulted in tangible growth for the business.  We continue to work with RARE to make the website more dynamic and interactive. The next step will be adding a blog this year.

Our work includes:


more work