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Rare Gourmet Meats


The Situation

Based in Los Angeles, California, Rare Gourmet Meats is a boutique online butcher. The company was born from the belief that families and consumers should have access to the same quality meats that professional chefs serve in high-end restaurants.


To grow their business and best serve their current customers, founders Debbie Rocker and Shelly Youree needed a beautifully-branded custom website that would allow for online ordering and integrate with their precise overnight shipping process.

The Solution

ATAK’s first step in delivering the beautiful website the founders desired was to create a brand that aligned with their mission of quality and showcased an aesthetic familiar to their upscale target audience.

After Rare's brand identity development was complete, we built the initial site on the WordPress framework and began an integrated marketing campaign to current customers. With an increase in orders and site needs, we launched a robust ecommerce store via WooCommerce in Q1 of 2017.

Our work includes:


more work