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Murtha Skouras


The Situation

Murtha Skouras is a premiere below the line talent agency specializing in representing notable film industry professionals like Producers, 1st AD's, Cinematographers, Production Designers, Editors, and Costume Designers. 
Murtha Skouras needed a modern, clean website that would make the most of their client management system. 

The Solution

ATAK knew that this new, custom WordPress website had to help the agents at Murtha Skouras quickly and easily show of the capabilities and talent of the people they represent.

The new site allows agents to quickly and simply access reels, full resumes, and CV of skills and accomplishments, thanks to ATAK's custom integration and customization of WireDrive assets. This dynamically pulls content from Murtha Skouras' centralized talent media library, ensuring assets are viewed in high resolution, and all details are up-to-date.

ATAK's custom graphic design highlights the visual artistry of Murtha Skouras' talent base, while simplifying the process of hiring below-the-line talent by offering high-quality, efficient candidate search tools.

Our work includes:

  • Custom designed WordPress website to show the capability and talent of the people Murtha Skouras represents
  • Utilize visually stunning material from various commercials, TV Shows and Movies
  • Custom coded and integrated the 3rd party WireDrive app to directly display text, photo, and video content



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