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Lagree Fitness


The Situation:

Sebastien Lagree developed a full body conditioning system using innovative technology and methodology he named the Lagree Fitness™ training method. The equipment is leased to trainers certified in his method in fitness studios across the world.

With this side of the company growing quickly, Sebastien also opened his own fitness studio concept, Lagree Fitness Studios. Sebastian's marketing roadmap for the brand required developing two new websites, an online learning management system, a custom ERP system for licensee management, and an ecommerce store. 

The Solution:

First, ATAK built an open source, custom designed web site and learning management system for studios and trainers. The ERP-integrated system was developed with quality control measures, enabling Sebastien and the Lagree Corporate Team to check-in and see where all the studio owners are in the training process.

From there, we built out new sites for the Lagree Fitness method, and the Lagree Fitness Studio. We added e-commerce stores for customers and licensees looking to buy branded accessories, clothing, and used equipment.

Our Work Includes:


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