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The Situation

Kinemetrics is a world leader in providing and analysing seismographic information. They have seismographs and tracking and monitoring equipment placed around the world to provide comprehensive and accurate information to clients. These clients include governments looking to assess the effects of recent earthquakes, and corporations looking to undergo large construction projects that may be affected by seismic activity.

They have consulted on projects as far afield as two of the most significant buildings in Dubai. The data deals with where, when, and the frequency of earthquakes, as well as where they are in relation to others. With such technical information, Kinemetrics required a site that could provide information that’s easily understandable for clients who may not be knowledgeable in the minutiae of seismic data.

The site also needed to be able to explain the processes of collecting the information in a way that anyone could understand. Kinemetrics was also looking for a way to display graphical and visual representations of what might happen to specific buildings in the event of an earthquake.

The Solution

We created an online portal that made it easy for clients to log in and see the most recent seismic data for their area of interest. An online program was integrated that pulls data off of multiple and highly technical secure databases. All of that information is compiled on a customized dashboard for easy access.

We also integrated color visual displays to make information easier to digest. GPS satellite points are color-coded depending on the size of the earthquake. From a large red circle down to yellow and orange, and a small red dot for small earthquakes.

ATAK created a 3D graphic that allowed Kinemetrics to display a 3D representation of their clients’ buildings. These incredibly precise scale digital replicas show all windows, load bearing structures, intricacies, and nuances so the client can easily see all earthquake effects from all angles of their building. ATAK was also contracted to do an infographic and brochure to highlight Kinemetrics’ services.

 ATAK is working on a brand new systems infrastructure infographic that will demonstrate how the different seismic data collection points route their info to a satellite, a server, to a database compilation tool, and then to an end user. The end user gets to see something that they can easily understand, despite the high-level concepts involved.

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