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Kim Rocco Shields


The Situation

Kim Rocco Shields, an up and coming film director, was preparing to release a documentary called “Love is all you need”, set to launch in 2014. This isn’t just any film. It is a thought provoking film that makes people question what they perceive as normal.

In order to garner attention, Kim needed a compelling website that would be up and running for the anticipated publicity she would receive after the launch.

The Solution

We sat down with Kim to create a strategy for the launch of “Love is all You Need”.  Kim had the industry expertise, but needed a credible website to showcase her work. We were able to give her a platform that realised her vision of telling a story that would change the world.

Kim’s brilliant film, combined with our solution, resulted in over 30 million internet views. It received numerous film festival awards and went on to be developed into a feature in 2016.

Kim has become one of Hollywood’s hottest young film directors. Her website is an integral part of her sustained success by allowing her to feature all of her works in one place.

 Our work includes:

  • Redesigned a custom WordPress website to highlight Kim’s work, showcase video reels, and highlight press
  • Redesigned logo
  • Built website on WordPress content management system
  • Helped establish a YouTube Channel
  • Optimized website for search
  • Supported off-line marketing efforts as needed for launch of short film and upcoming feature film


more work