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Joan’s on Third


The Situation

Joan’s on Third is a family owned and operated restaurant, marketplace, and full service catering establishment located in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1995 and its popularity and success have made it a Hollywood hot spot for celebrities and civilians alike.

In 2013, we were asked to upgrade the Joan’s on Third website to be more efficient, both on the back end for management to make updates, but also to be more appealing for users who came to the site.

Joan’s on Third was expanding with another location in Studio City, California, and wanted this to be reflected on their website. They wanted the new site to be more informative, with up to date menus and engaging content.

The Solution

We met with Suzie Hastings (Co-Owner, Marketing and Social Media) at Joan’s on Third and decided to upgrade the website using Magento (an open source E-Commerce platform).  This platform was selected to introduce e-commerce to the brand.

Where the previous website was outdated and cumbersome, the new site is more efficient and performs better and allowing Joan’s on Third to make changes without additional support. We built a strategy to accommodate for both physical locations to be integrated on the website.

Part of the redesign involved updating the brand to reflect the essence of Joan’s on Third. The result was an engaging brand and website that allowed customers to connect with Joan and her family and make them feel like a part of their story. 

Our work includes:


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