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Hudock Employment Law



The Hudock Employment Law Group is a well-known Santa Monica law firm. The business was in need of an updated website design, and lead generation tools. The new website's goal was to attract new visitors, and qualify potential clients contacting the firm. 

The goal of this website was to display the experience, credibility, and compassion that Hudock Employment Law Group brings to their cases. Press and blog sections would allow the firm to show their track record of success with complex or challenging employment cases. 


ATAK Interactive's design and development teams met with the firm's working group responsible for their new website. After a competitive analysis and deep-dive into the business needs unique to employment law, we were ready to create a focused, informative website. 

 ATAK worked closely with Hudock Employment Law Group to come up with our initial concepts and design ideas. We met with the Hudock team and reviewed designs together to get the revisions turned around very quickly. After a couple small tweaks, ATAK was approved to go ahead and turn the beautiful designs into a functioning website.

The website was built in WordPress to give Hudock the ability to manage and edit the site themselves. This is a critical function for an employment law firm, given the pace at which law is changing. WordPress made it easy and fast to update the website. 

With the launch and completion of the site Hudock has seen a very positive response from their clients in the form of additional traffic and referrals using the website as a reference. ATAK has made itself available for any questions or items that the law firm cannot do themselves and is here to support our clients with any help they need to get the most out of their new site.


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