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Dorothy the Organizer



Dorothy the Organizer is a celebrity who has been featured in home and garden television shows, most notably as an organizer on A&E's Hoarders. Dorothy came to ATAK with a need for focused, easy-to-use digital marketing tools for her professional services and television appearances.

Her current digital presence was currently spread across three separate websites - diluting her brand, and taking up a lot of time and money. She needed these to be unified into a single, functional website. This website would have to include the features of her three current sites: an easy-to-update calendar, ecommerce store, and video course delivery. 



ATAK took the time to work with Dorothy in the design phase to make sure the look and feel of the site would fit Dorothy's personality and brand. Our design and development team started with a home page that communicated the range of Dorothy's skill and appearances. Once satisfied with how this represented the Dorothy the Organizer brand, the internal pages and tools were built. 

With input from Dorothy the Organizer, as well as her industry colleagues and friends, ATAK's developers were ready to put the finishing touches on the website's look and feel. 

Thanks to the power of WordPress, the ATAK Interactive development team assembled the perfect mix of plugins and services for Dorothy the Organizer's business needs. WooCommerce, fully integrated with WordPress, provides ecommerce functionality to make selling her products easy and SEO-friendly. The flexibility and open source marketplace offered by WordPress made event, video, and news update management a snap for Dorothy.

We finished the process with a multi-day training sessions, so that Dorothy could confidently use her new website as the powerful business tool it is, easily managing the whole system herself.


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