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The Situation

Coleman-Rayner is a leading news and photo agency in Los Angeles that specializes in celebrity photography. They work with celebrities to capture the very best images and to tell the stories the celebrities want to tell. They then solicit the pictures to “rag-mags” such as Star or TMZ.

They work in conjunction with celebrity clients, and therefore needed a site that would showcase how good the client could look in their photos. The site also needed by have a photo management tool to make picture selection and previewing easier. Since many celebrities travel the world, they also wanted an east portal for corresponding and sharing pics with photographers around the globe for buying and selling. The site needed to highlight past work and provide great examples for potential new clients.

The Solution

We visited the Coleman-Rayner office several times to discuss their needs and provide solutions that were tailor-made for them. Based on those discussions, we did a complete custom redesign for them.

We created a site that was mobile friendly and had full functionality across multiple platforms and devices. We simplified their process so that visitors could quickly and easily understand what sets them apart from the rest of the industry. The site was designed to highlight recent work with familiar celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and Ryan Gosling. It also now features testimonials from past clients and an “about us” page that gives users a taste for the company and what they can do.

We also created a beautiful photo grid that resized photos automatically and allowed for easier photo selection and previewing.

Our Work Includes:


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