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Coin 1804


The Situation

Coin 1804 is a complete lifestyle collection of ready-to-wear knits that sold wholesale to retailers across North America. Due to growing demand and competitive ecommerce fashion marketplace, Coin 1804 felt it was time to open a B2C ecommerce website to directly serve customers alongside their business-to-business wholesale. 

The Solution

ATAK created a new ecommerce website on Magento Community Edition which launched in late 2016 for wholesale orders only. The site kept pricing hidden until wholesale users logged in. Once logged in, wholesale customers will see special pricing and special checkout rules applicable to unique agreements between different accounts. Wholesale items were sold by case pack only, in sets of 5 or 6 at a time, and shipping and payment options were unique to each user.

In preparation for , ATAK created a custom product import sheet in order to deduct inventory at the correct levels for both single-item ecommerce and wholesale case orders. Coin 1804's excellent photography was highlighted with an easy-to-update lookbook tool, so that they can update the website with their latest fashions without assistance.  

In Q1 2017, ATAK opened up the retail side of the site, providing Coin with a multi-use ecommerce store that handles both the B2B and B2C side of their business.  

Our Work Includes:


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