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Beverly Hills Egg Donation


Beverly HIlls Egg Donation (BHED) is an online egg donor agency–it operates as a dual-sided marketplace, helping connect potential egg donors with prospective parents looking to conceive. When BHED was purchased by Robyn Perchik in 20XX, she inherited an old system from the site’s previous owner. The original website did have a relatively robust backend that allowed intended parents to fill out applications, donors to create a detailed profile, and parents to search for ideal donors. However, the old website design/system was also outdated and not mobile friendly (now a major Google Search issue). Most importantly, the backend system was not generating the data/reports needed for smoother ops and future prediction. This had a domino effect, causing digital marketing to take a back seat, leaving the company feeling as if their hands were tied behind their backs. In addition, Perchik’s dedication to her client’s data privacy and security remained atop her priority list, and for us. Instead of doing a number of major patchwork fixes, Perchik approached ATAK to do a custom site rebuild from scratch.

The Situation

As a dual-sided marketplace, one of the most important things the BHED site needed to do was 1.) manage data: collect sets of complex and dynamic data, effectively remove duplicates from database, organize data, and pull data into reports; and 2.) create and manage matches: these confidential matches needed to be made between donors and parents, parents and doctors, agencies and lawyers, etc. The original BHED site was able to collect a fair amount of data, but didn’t have an effective way to organize, consolidate, make sense of it, therefore the staff had no way of building custom reports that they could make decisions from. Also, the old system did not have standardized match requirements, so matches in the system required a large amount of laborious manual work. This was extremely frustrating and time consuming for the staff and did not offer a cohesive user experience.

In regards to the back-end, the site’s previous coder was a one man team that did a nice job building the site but, as the business scaled up, needed to employ a number of piecemeal fixes that worked as band-aids, great in the short term but not sustainable in the long run. The site’s framework had reached “outdated” status, making future support and additions difficult.

From a branding perspective, the site was in need of a branding refresh. The BHED logo and overall look and feel of the site needed to be modernized and brought into 2018. Images on the site were a bit one note–the majority of the images were not reflective of the diverse backgrounds of their egg donors.

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The Solution

LTime Frame: 1 year

Right when we started, we knew that we needed to reconfigure the donor and parent applications–we were going to implement a new advanced search tool which meant the new applications needed to collect a wider range of very granular data. So, our first challenge was migrating all the data from the old site to the new site. Because there would be a discrepancy between the old applications and the new applications, we created tools to efficiently alleviate missing data or discrepancies. This then allowed us to redesign the applications and set up a new database without losing any user data we gathered previously.

We needed to rebuild the site from scratch, so instead of choosing a template, we decided that a custom design allow us to tailor the framework and features to BHED’s exact needs. We built the new framework on CodeIgniter in lieu of WordPress because CodeIgniter offers a cleaner build from the start. The intent behind this decision was efficiency, we wanted to give them exactly what they needed without slowing the site down with unnecessary functionality. CodeIgniter also makes it incredibly easy to make future customizations.

One of the issues with the previous site was the admin dashboard was slow, disorganized and unable to pull reports the staff needed. We built a sleek new admin dashboard that is lightning fast, user-friendly, and outfitted with advanced search tools. The new dashboard allows staff to quickly manage all donor profile information, download a PDF version of a profile so they can email to prospective parents, and create robust custom reports.

The BHED admin is separated into three sections: 1.) donor management, 2.) parent management, and 3.) match management. The most complex of the three by far is match management. We helped BHED build a completely new, state of the art match management system on the back end. Essentially, once parents choose their perfect donor, the system allows for the creation of a “match”. The staff then needed to be able to add additional information to this “match”, like which doctors, lawyers, and psycho coordinators are tied to this “match”. The new system also allows staff to upload and download invoices, track results, and log every part of the medical procedure.

Finally, the biggest issue the BHED staff had with their old site was the lack of robust reporting; a lot of the old reporting was being maintained in a series of Google Docs. With the new site, staff can pull reports through the admin dashboard for everything from donor reports, match reports, general summary reports, donor characteristic reports, etc. Because the new system logs every piece of information, it makes it easy to pull in-depth reports that have the exact metrics needed.

ATAK was able to give the site and BHED’s brand identity a complete redesign. From reimagining the BHED logo to adding sleek sliders that showcase images of diverse donors and families to determining a stunning palate of branded colors; the new site now looks cohesive, approachable, and modern. We also made the site mobile-friendly and optimized it for search.

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Our work includes:

  • Brand identity refresh
  • Redesigned and built new website
  • Added Advanced Search for a faster user experience (UX)
  • Developed a custom Business Management System (BMS) for managing “Donors,” “Intended Parents,” and “Match” details
  • Developed a custom Content Management System (CMS) for general site updates such as webpage content, staff updates, and contact information.
  • Developed a custom Staff Management System to manage Doctors, Legal Staff, Clinics, and Coordinators for match records.
  • Created/Digitized a Custom Reports section (which used to be a manual effort) of the BMS to grab specific data site administrators need to be able to pull.
  • Added a blog and resources section to the CMS so the administrator can self-manage content changes and additions.
  • Optimized site for search
  • Added Social Media tools
  • Integrated newsletter signup tools via Mailchimp
  • Performed a complete data migration from old site to new site so as not to lose old records.
  • Created system training documentation and performed live training sessions for staff as needed

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