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Acertas Analytics


The Situation

Acertas is a consulting firm that works with large organizations and companies to provide analytics to decide whether or not they should go ahead with an expensive endeavor or project.

Many of their clients are government departments with a lot of management levels, so their site needed to be able to highlight what they do in a way that was clear to those with a limited understanding of the concepts they were using. Those concepts often involve post-graduate-level math and theory on which the managers approving the projects may not have a firm grasp.

The Solution

We created a custom website from scratch where information could flow naturally. Given the nature of the work, it was crucial that all descriptions were written in a very concise and clear way. 

We designed a help section of the site, putting links on the client reports that would allow people to click further to read higher-level information regarding the process. This is ideal for the engineers and contractors who may actually end up working on the project, while the simple descriptions suits the executives and decision-makers approving the projects.

A lot of the explanations are also done through visualization. We created custom graphics that integrated well with the client’s existing graphics to further clarify the process. The site now features a visual representation of the progression a client might make from the situation to the solution.

Our Work Included:

  • Complete custom redesign
  • Content management system integration
  • Custom design of graphics, headers, and displays
  • Integrated tools to allow for basic level understating by anyone in a client’s hierarchy
  • Integrated video displays and custom walk-throughs
  • Created dynamic menus that allows Acertas to use CMS to add pages
  • Integrated clickable process management



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