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Why Work for a Digital Marketing Agency?

Nov 12, 2015
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My friends refer to me as Chandler Bing whenever someone asks what I do. Everyone knows, but no one really knows. Friends that I’ve had for years sit down with me and say “Wait, so what do you do everyday?” That’s always the hardest part for them: what exactly do I do as a digital marketer? The answer is a little bit of everything.
For the most part, people who ask me what my days at work are like aren’t asking because they don’t understand marketing, they’re asking because they don’t understand how it works at an agency. A lot of the confusion might come from a certain glorified AMC show that influences people into thinking that every day I sit in an office drinking bourbon and making superfluous decisions that somehow end up greatly affecting the bottom line. And I can see their confusion. I do love bourbon and it’s often that I come home with cool gifts from my clients or with stories about perks from my job.
The reality is that working for an interactive marketing agency isn’t just about fun and games. One second your schedule is calm and manageable, and then the next it can feel like your calendar and to-do list got hit by a hurricane. At an agency, you have a variety of clients, all with different business cycles and schedules.
So why did I decide to work for a marketing agency instead of joining the marketing department of a specific company? Here are my five main reasons:

#1 The learning never stops

Working for an agency is like walking down a new aisle of the library, every single day. It’s a bit like a town hall, sometimes: new clients, vendors, resources, and information, from all walks of life and all schools of business, from ivy leagues to hard knocks. I take comfort in knowing that if I don’t know how to do something, another coworker of mine will. If I want to learn more about SEO or ecommerce development, I don’t have to search online. Instead I can just sit down with my colleagues and harass them with questions until I learn everything I wanted to learn… #SorryNotSorry Lyndsay! [ed. note: sucking up to the editor only helps a little]

#2 Different clients mean different opportunities

A company’s goals determine their marketing strategy. So if I worked as a marketer for one company, I would be limited to their needs and desires for what they want out of their marketing campaign. Maybe they just want to focus on building awareness, which means I won’t have the opportunity to strategize a content campaign designed to engage and convert leads. Perhaps for some of my clients I’m working on optimizing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, but others I’m developing content to improve SEO. Having clients help to diversify my experiences and the opportunities available to me. Not only that, but it lets me learn about different industries, how they work, and the pain points for each.

#3 All marketing all the time

I’ve worked as an internal marketer at companies in the past, and it’s very common to be asked to take a break from your marketing duties to work on or assist with other more pressing projects. I don’t have to worry about that working at an interactive agency. At a marketing agency, no matter what project or task I’m working on, it’s marketing related. It’s rare that something I’ll need to do doesn’t feel like what I signed up for.

#4 Every day is different

Every day at my job is different. I go to work with an idea of what I need to accomplish, but my list can change at any moment. The variety of businesses and possibilities allows me to be constantly challenged and entertained. And yes, this is what my friends don’t seem to understand about my job — my daily “To Do’s” — but for me it’s the unpredictability that I love the most.

#5 Those hard days just make you better

Remember what I said about a hurricane hitting the calendar (and the phones, and the email, and the social media, and…)? Those days when everything blows up and clients seem to be coming at you with needs from all angles? Well those days just make you act faster and force you to be a smarter, stronger marketer. You always finish the day knowing how to better help your clients — and yourself — for the future.
Want to know what it’s like to be in the room with the storm chasers at ATAK? Give us a call about your ecommerce website or digital marketing ideas – we’ll put it on the calendar.

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