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Why Use Google +?

Feb 13, 2014

For many small businesses, Google + (Google Plus) is still a mystery. People feel that there are so many social media outlets to be on and now there is just another one Google has brought upon us. Most don’t yet know the benefits of being on a completely new social media outlet, especially if they don’t know anyone else using it. As website marketing and eCommerce specialists, we at ATAK Interactive want to explain why you should use Google + and what are the benefits for your business. This article is a quick guide to discover some of Google +’s advantages for your business.

Relationship Building
Creating relationships on social media is significantly useful to become more and more visible on Internet. Creating relationships with your industries’ influencers is the key to extend your reach and consequently become more visible. Why? Building good relationships with your influencers will let them recommend you to others instead of your competitor. Because they know you, they trust you; your name comes to their mind first. Keeping these kinds of conversations on high level is crucial to be visible and increase trust between you and influencers.

Do You Really Need To Be On Another (New) Platform?
First question, is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) important for your business? The answer is not open for debate, YES. With this consideration, increasing your visibility and offering great content for your customers and/or influencers on Google + will help your SEO because people will like and share your engaging content witch will lead to referrals, eventually. Second question is, what does Google like the most when deciding search engine results? Answer is simple, Google alignment. If you want Google to like your content and business, you should start liking Google +. Another statistical reason is that Google + is growing tremendously. According to GlobalWebIndex, 25% of worldwide Internet users are now on Google +. Eventually, your customers will be on it.

Google + Local Optimization
Small businesses can use Google + Local to its advantage in search results. Outside of allowing a local business to appear in the map search results, Google + Local along with publisher authentication will cause a map to appear and a logo to appear next to that local business’s branded term. This is a good example of a positive impact of Google + for local businesses.

Better and Faster Indexation
Like we mentioned above about the relationship between Google + and your SEO, sharing new and relevant content through Google + will allow that content to index faster within Google Search compared to other outlets.

Latest Google + Posts Will Appear In Search
This specific benefit of Google + is very cool for businesses. When people make a search on Google for your business, on the right of the screen they will see your latest post in addition to company information, if you are an active Google + user.

In conclusion, being on Google + is as important as being on other social media outlets, and maybe more important. For small businesses, the advantages of Google + is crucial and it is inevitable for them to be on it. It doesn’t look as fancy as Twitter or Facebook but for sure it is a “must” to be on it these days. We as ATAK Interactive want to share these benefits to help you understand the importance of Google Plus. Further than that we are always here to help more specifically by applying our social media services to your business and industry.

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