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Why Pinterest?

Jun 02, 2014

Why Pinterest?

Many business owners want to keep their social media presence on two major platforms, Facebook and Twitter. While the majority of social interaction is done on these two platforms, Pinterest is quickly becoming a mecca for referrals and online shopping.  Pinterest is practically made for businesses, especially product based ones. If you are selling a product online or even offline, you should be on Pinterest because of these three important facts:


  • Pinterest can give you a 50% higher conversion rate over other online traffic.
  • Buyer referrals from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy over any other social network.
  • Pinterest generates 4 times more revenue (per click) than Twitter and 27% more per click than Facebook.


By creating a business Pinterest account, and staying active on it, you are efficiently creating one more way for customers to connect with your company and product.  It will drive more traffic to your site and help grow loyal customers that are more likely to refer your company to their friends and family.  While it’s still very important to maintain a presence on Facebook and Twitter, creating a presence on Pinterest is becoming vital for customer loyalty and growth.


Pinterest Creates Lifestyles

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest highlights product based industries over other industries.  However, Pinterest also allows for members to create on online lifestyle in addition to organizing physical objects.  If your industry is service based and not product based, it can still thrive on Pinterest if you connect it to one of Pinterest’s many categories:

  • Popular
  • Everything
  • Gifts
  • Videos
  • Featured
  • Animals
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Cars & Motorcycles
  • Celebrities
  • Design
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Education
  • Film, Music & Books
  • Gardening
  • Geek
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Health & Fitness
  • History
  • Holidays & Events
  • Home Décor
  • Humor
  • Illustrations & Posters
  • Kids
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Outdoors
  • Photography
  • Products
  • Quotes
  • Science & Nature
  • Sports
  • Tattoos
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Weddings
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Other

These broad categories make it easy to connect any industry to a Pinterest category.  Plus, if all else fails, ‘Other’ always works too.  Pinterest is supposed to be fun and allow creativity to shine above intellect.  Creativity and fun graphics create the best Pinterest marketing, so have fun!


Pinterest is Visual

Pinterest is a shopping experience platform all about visuals, pictures and videos. Pictures with multiple dominant colors are 300% more likely to be repined. Interestingly enough, pins with red, yellow, and brown color profiles are 200% more likely to be repined than those with a blue color profile.  Pins with better images are more likely to get repined, and while it’s better to have a larger number of pins it is absolutely essential that they look better than the actual description of the image.


Pinterest Success Stories

As online and social media marketing specialists, we at ATAK Interactive can help start your business in the right direction with Pinterest and make sure you don’t become another Pintrosity!  We have plenty of clients from different industries that are doing amazing work on Pinterest. Each business is successful for different reasons.  Click the links below to see why they are kicking butt: Pinterest style!


AMS Physical Therapy

AMS Physical Therapy, Inc is an outpatient orthopedic therapist owned clinic. Specializing in post-surgical orthopedic conditions, postural dysfunction, joint pain related to obesity, balance disorders, sport specific injuries, and pregnancy related low back pain. At AMS PT each patient is treated one-on-one and treatments are rendered by a licensed physical therapist.

AMS is a service-based industry providing specialized physical therapy options to their clients. They have been able to turn their service into a daily lifestyle for current and future customers through Pinterest. With boards like Office Exercises, and Massage Therapy they have been able to market their services to multiple areas within their industry.


In addition to their practical boards, AMS also have implemented a few fun boards like Bike Art and Stairs, which are not directly related to their industry but that indirectly relate to their customer needs or lifestyles.  Bikes create visually stimulating content and are in trend right now.  Bikers also use physical therapists for a variety of issues and by connecting these two, AMS is able to gain more online traction and new clients.

CCR Brand

CCR Brand is a Los Angeles based Apparel Company rooted in the Creative Culture of California.  Specializing in fun active wear, CCR Brand clothing gives every customer that special California feel with CCR Brand onesies, rompers, and hoodies.

To reiterate: Pictures are king.  Visually stimulating pictures get the most traction and repins.  CCR Brand is not only selling a line of products but also the California-Venice Beach lifestyle. They have made it very clear who they are trying to sell to and give customers examples of how to wear their clothes. They even have a board called “Inspiration” just to attract followers and share their followers’ inspirational pictures. By making the lifestyle a first priority they are engaging new followers on Pinterest quickly and efficiently.

100 Essentials

100 Essentials brings the world’s finest luxury items to those buyers who want to save an incredible 30-70% off retail prices. They bring the once unaffordable designer labels to everyone with amazing deals and sales.

With their constant flow of designer products, 100 Essentials is set up to succeed on Pinterest. They maintain this success by continually pinning new products and have complete boards without any missing images. Sales are going on all the time at 100 Essentials, so it is a constant challenge to stay in the present with the company’s Pinterest boards. The investment in the platform pays off for the company, as their following and referrals continue to grow.

Pinterest is one of the best ways to showcase your product and get engaged with your influencers. It is very effective for product based businesses because it is all picture-oriented.  As social media and web design marketing specialists, we at ATAK Interactive always help our clients to be successful with their marketing mixes. It is crucial to be on the right platform with the right strategy otherwise you are missing out on potential opportunities and profits. If you need any help or advice on creating or revamping your social media mix please call us 1-855-472-1892 or visit our website www.atakinteractive.com









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