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Trending Question: Should I Use Pinterest as a Marketing Channel for my Ecommerce Business?

May 13, 2014

Pinterest, known as one of the fastest growing social platforms in 2013, allows users to share images of things they like via pinboards, which are organized by categories to create a simple self-driven catalog of desires. The most important thing for ecommerce merchants to know is all evidence shows that pinterest is a tool for shopping, where roughly 70% of its audience, mostly women, use it for purchase decisions vs less than 20 percent on Facebook. A pin on Pinterest generates $0.78 in sales on average on ecommerce websites, and it keeps rising, drastically, according to Piqora’s study. Another important statistic about Pinterest; a pin is repined (shared) 10 times on average. Just to compare, the average tweet on Twitter is only re-tweeted 1%. As web marketing and social media specialists, we at ATAK Interactive wanted to inform you about how to be successful on Pinterest especially if you have sales oriented strategy. Follow the steps below.

Important Pinterest Stats to Know As A Web Merchant

  • Pinterest, launched in 2010, now has more than 70 million users and 80% are women.
  • 70% of brand engagements on Pinterest are driven by users, not brands.
  • The best time for retailers to pin is Friday at 3pm.
  • U.S. consumers who use Pinterest follow averagely 9.3 retailers online.
  • Photos with their prices on them gets 36% more likes.
  • 30 billion pins as of April 2014, and 750 million boards created.
  • Many more very important ones can be found here

Optimizing and Using Image
Pinterest is all about photography, and optimizing your pictures for the Pinterest platform is a necessity. For the great first impression and perfect user experience on any device, one should apply specs listed below to pictures. Image optimization not only means the size but also useful, sharp, editorial imagery to grab attention at first sight. In addition, using text boxes on your picture (sometimes) could be effective as well, when done tastefully, and at the right time for the right purpose. For example, putting a logo or call to action on the bottom left corner of your picture will make your brand more recognizable. Include your website URL too if your user types will not be offended because this is helpful for brand recognition long-term.

Link Users to the Right Spot
Never redirect your viewers to your home page, as that’s a waste of time and effort. If someone clicks to your link, send him or her to directly the page that they can add the item to their cart and make a purchase. Avoid distraction because you want to sell.

Pin it Plugin
Want to make it quick and easy for your blog visitors to Pin your images? The Pin It button makes it easy to Pin things you find on the web—like a recipe from your favorite food blog or a photo from a travel site. After you’ve installed it, just click the little P whenever you see something you want to add to Pinterest.

Pin or Repin Related Images
One should definitely pin other companies or individuals pictures on Pinterest as well. This means you care about your followers and you look friendlier instead of an annoying sales oriented company profile. Just be careful to keep pinning pictures that are relevant to your business. By sharing other pictures you will inspire and desire your viewers so they will ultimately come back to purchase from you. Don’t be scared to share others content because you can give others ideas on how to match other items that appeal as well.

Cover Image and Board Descriptions
Optimizing your cover image and board description is crucial on Pinterest and should be used to give your viewer a reason to follow you. Do your best copywriting and brand message delivery here to get them. Nobody is going to follow you if you don’t convince her or him to.

In conclusion, as a web merchant, Pinterest is one of the best platforms to be on in terms of increasing traffic and sales to your website via product photography. Unlike many social platforms, pinterest has proven, statistically, that usage leads to sales. There are some important steps one should follow on Pinterest as an ecommerce website owner and we would love to help guide should you want our advice. Please call ATAK Interactive at 1-855-472-1892 to discuss your marketing campaigns and to learn more about service offerings, which we know will lead to more conversions at a profitable return on your investment. To learn more online start at our home page: www.atakinteractive.com

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