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Tips to Increase Your Newsletter Sign Up Rate

Apr 24, 2014

Newsletter campaigns still continue to serve as an effective way for businesses of all kinds to stay in touch with their customers or potential customers who have asked for more information. From experience we know newsletter campaigns are still one of the greatest ways teach and offer customers convincing material.

Do you have an email list? Do your website visitors, and even physical location visitors, have the ability to leave their information if they want to hear from you about new offers, upcoming events, new items, and more? Below are ATAK Interactive’s tips for how to increase newsletter sign up, the first step in creating a successful newsletter campaign.

Create a Dedicated Newsletter Signup Page
One can dedicate a unique page to newsletter signup that shows what users will receive when signed up. This page will have information and images with links to more than one sample of the newsletter. Providing a sample of your newsletter before people click to “subscribe” is a great way to increase loyalty in terms of showing your potential reader about what they will receive if they subscribe. You can provide a link to a sample or a thumb nail which opens a sample pdf or jpeg.

Find Your Customers Seducible Moments
A “seducible” moment is what we mean when we say a good time to capture that newsletter signup. ATAK Interactive’s recommendation is, in a tasteful manner, immediately after your visitor has taken an action. So in addition to putting that opt-in at the end of “thank you for ordering” page, put it into a products details page, and within registration, and certainly through check out. ATAK Interactive recommends website administrators test these options to find the optimum moments. Conversion rates from certain locations not only depend on proper placement, but also the type of business and the website design as a whole.

Bribing Strategy
We guess this step is a no-brainer. One can’t just ask for visitors to subscribe unless there is high brand awareness. One proven trick is to give them something, for example, offer them a time limited coupon, exclusive invitation to an event, or access to online lectures. Decide on a giveaway prize that can hopefully attract your visitor’s attention (which means do some listening to find out what your customers want before you invest in products that have no justification). Always keep testing your newsletter’s performance and try new offers if conversions are too low.

Segmentation And Relationships
ATAK Interactive highly recommends our clients segment their visitors based on demographics (especially interests and buying decisions). One shouldn’t send existing customers the same newsletter one sends to potential customers. Users are all at different moments in their buying process. Finding those moments is crucial to attract them.

Quality Of Your E-mail Preview
Test your email in multiple email clients (Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail especially) to try to ensure that your newsletter subscribers open your email and can read it. If you fail on your email formatting they will see bunch of pictures with X’s on them and text that looks messy without proper formatting. We all know what those e-mails look like and if your newsletter looks like this you will lose subscribers you worked hard to get.

Name your Newsletter Something Enticing
Easy and short tip; don’t call your newsletter a newsletter. You can call it a weekly update, or weekly news, or free tips, or weekly offers, etc. We see that many people see “newsletter” as a negative word because they have already signed up for tons with little benefit. Try to tell your users what they are getting rather than the literal translation.

Pop Ups
We all agree that pop ups are annoying, but in fact, and they can be done tastefully, we see pop ups can be very effective. Use pop up ads for your newsletter sign up after a visitor spends more than 30 seconds on your website, not immediately when they open your website. Another thing to be careful about is showing pop ups to each visitor more than once a week. This can be controlled. Further, when using pop ups for newsletter signup, try not to ask so many detailed questions. Simply ask for name, e-mail and maybe zip code at the most. You can work to get more of their information later via tracking through newsletter click through’s that will show you what they click. You can also push users to registration from your newsletter as well and track that.

Some Other Small Tips To Increase Newsletter Subscription

  • Adding a link to a dedicated newsletter sign up page from your newsletter signup box, wherever it sits on your website header/footer, is advisable.
  • Include a testimonial from a subscriber right next to your sign up box.
  • Add a privacy statement link in, next to, or near your sign up box.
  • Add a link to your newsletter archives next to your box so people can see what they are going to get.
  • Don’t say “Subscribe” people don’t like that word anymore. It sounds pushy. Say, “Get your weekly update” or something like this.
  • Ask users to subscribe after they commented on your blog.
  • Make your subscribers feel comfortable with their unsubscribe option

In conclusion, use these steps to increase your newsletter sign up rates and conversions. Never forget to provide a great useful content for your reader, a no-brainer. We are happy to assist and even manage your newsletter campaign if you would like us to, but we do want to offer tips so you can get started on your own if you want to try. Please do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to call us at 1-855-472-1892 to discuss your marketing campaigns and to learn more about service offerings, which we know will lead to more conversions at a profitable return on your investment. To learn more start at our home page: www.atakinteractive.com

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