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The Development of our Brand Identity Kit: Introducing ATAK’s Brand Book

Dec 01, 2015
The ATAK Team

Each day you walk into the office and try to be a little better than the day before. Weeks add up, and then it’s months. Before you know it, someone mentions the phrase “Q4” and you realize, “Wow, 2015 is almost over.”
For ATAK Interactive, this year has seen tremendous growth and evolution. Each day got a little better. Weeks became months, and our small operation working out of an 8x10 room in Westwood blossomed into a thriving workplace in a 2400 sq ft loft in downtown Los Angeles.
As we grew our team, we brought in a diverse set of skills (and personalities). The main goal with each addition was to bring in people that would make us better across different verticals. With a range of experience, characters and capabilities, we could continue to improve our product and help our clients in new and interesting ways.
With that diversity came fresh ideas and interesting angles we’d never thought of before. Processes and strategies we thought were good were improved until they became great. When questions were answered with “because that’s how we’ve always done it,” we found a more efficient way to do it. Everything around the office changed a bit: the style, the attitude, the culture. A new identity was being carved.
One character that played a major role in our story: the Los Angeles Arts District. It used to be our new home and now it is just our home. What inspired us as an emerging neighborhood with evocative murals, eclectic restaurants, and infectious signs of creativity everywhere we walked has now become the community we strive to make better. We attend neighborhood meetings, support local businesses, and serve as ambassadors when we are away.
All of these elements led to a moment this fall when we began a brainstorming session for site improvements on www.atakinteractive.com and realized the offline cocooning we were experiencing was not lining up with our online representation.
We knew we needed to take a deep dive into the operation we were becoming and begin to identify what it was that was making us, well, us. What kind of agency do we want to be? How is that different from everybody else? What does the ATAK “style” look like? How were we representing our community? And oh yeah, what does “ATAK” really mean and how the heck do you pronounce it?
…and so we made the ATAK Interactive Brand Book. It’s the ultimate guide to who we are, what we believe, and what we are capable of doing.
Like with every company, each Brand Identity Kit is going to be different. Some may sway more towards style guides. Others may dive into buyer personas or come off more like a presentation deck.
Our Brand Book features the following:

    • • Our Vision
    • • Our Brand Values
    • • Our Personality
    • • Logo
    • • Colors
    • • Typography
    • • Photography Point-of-View
    • • Brand Tone
    • • Copy Guidelines
    • • Service Breakdown
    • • Post Mortem

Through dissecting these elements, we feel we showcase who ATAK Interactive is and our point-of-view in this world.
We’re incredibly proud of this growth and the identity we have created at this agency. This book was a team effort, and I am incredibly grateful for all of the unique individuals that are a part of #TeamATAK and helped contribute to making this book, and this company, what it is today.

Without further ado, we invite you to check out the 2016 ATAK Interactive Brand Book:

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