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The Benefits of a Collaborative Marketing Agency

Jan 05, 2016
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When we first engage with clients, they ask, “So how do you like to work?” We always answer the same way: “That’s up to how you like to work!”

Many agencies are married to process – everything is done like so. That doesn’t work for us here at ATAK, because the benefits of collaboration and conversation are just too great to pass up.
Of course, we have a regular slate of services that we provide to the variety of clients we have, from social media marketing, to graphic design, to ecommerce website development, and custom programming for B2B business websites.
These services are more than just a checkbox on an order form at ATAK. As mentioned in our marketing lessons post from last week, we aren’t here to do work just to do it. Marketing isn’t about going through the motions, it’s about developing marketing plans in line with clients’ business goals and best interests in mind.
This attitude is why all of our project managers approach accounts from an attitude of agility, responsiveness, and communication. Being accountable, tenacious, agile, and kind is part of all the work we do, and all of those words define what a collaborative account management relationship should look like.
First of all, we work with too many types of businesses and business owners to force accounts into a mold once they’ve signed the dotted line. Every new market we work with informs our work with other accounts, and makes it clear that the work we do couldn’t be put into a cookie-cutter agreement, development and activity framework. From a small ecommerce website to the We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym franchise – every single account teaches us more and more.
Second, running a business and marketing online means you have to be ready for change at a moments’ notice. You make a lot of pivots and adjustments when working with online marketing clients, and if you are working on that growth together, you can get the most from it. This is how we prefer to manage an account – as a long conversation about the growth of a business, and the developments in digital marketing, social media, and other technologies.
Our relationships with clients mean that when we see a change coming ahead, we can make any account adjustments needed at just the right time.
Third, we’re just a bunch of softies. We think of all of our clients as people we are building a relationship with, and it doesn’t work for the ATAK team to treat them any other way! We’re all collaboratively minded people, and that extends to our accounts and the people behind them.
This marketing philosophy has allowed us to live our motto time and time again: “Let’s Grow Together.” It means more than sales. It means your business, your website, and your goals for the future. At ATAK, we want to be your partners in all of the marketing work that you do.
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If you’re looking to hire a marketing company that always knows your name, drop us an email – we’d love to have you come by for a meeting and find out how we can grow together!

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