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Streamline Your Web Design Process

Nov 24, 2015
Organize your design priorities

Are you ready to start the web development process and preparing to sit down with your developers to hash out the details? Many clients find that the time they spend just planning to design their website can rival the time spent actually developing it. And when you think about how valuable someone's time can be, gets quite costly.


Here are a few tips and tricks that will help to organize the design and development process and make sure you're doing what you need to do when you need to do it, which will ultimately help reduce your website and marketing overhead (as well as reduce some unneeded stress!). At ATAK, we put together a document that streamlines the process, outlines communication, and helps set clear expectations and understanding of what a web design project entails.


Our web design clients arrive at the initial consultation with various levels of understanding and preparation for their website development. Whether we’re working with a startup or a multi-national firm, our clients always desire an efficient process and cost-reducing measures. The ideas below have worked well for us.


Know Who You Are and What You Want


In your initial meeting with your agency and developers, explain who your company is — both in terms of industry as well as individual culture. Explain your personal working style and your expectations. This helps us to tailor our services to your marketing needs in a way that works best with your style.


Next, tell us WHY you are building your website. Your purpose for building the website is important to prepare the appropriate proposal for your needs. If you are looking for e-commerce development to build an online sale portal for your products or services, we need to understand the questions your customers typically ask, and which hang-ups cause them not to buy when they seem genuinely interested.


Be prepared to explain any current problem clearly so that we can create a solution to help mitigate such problems in the beginning of the design. By explaining the issues and pain points, the designer can visualize the problem, and find the solution through coding or through creating a clearer user interface design.


Think about the following questions before your initial consultation meeting:
What type of client are you?

Do you have previous marketing experience?

Were you involved in your company’s previous website design?

Is this your first encounter with a digital marketing agency?

Do you want to handle as much of the work as possible, or are you more of a hands-off person?

Do you see your developer as a technical resource or the rock of the project?


Communication is Key


Below is a checklist of what you can do to assist your developer in creating the best website for your company:


  •  • How do you want your website to look?
    •     o What do you like about other websites in your industry?
    •     o What specific elements do you want your website to have?
    •     o What elements do you not want your website to have?
  •  • Why are you building the website?
    •     o Is your current website out of date?
    •     o Do you want to establish a new online presence?
    •     o Is this an online sales tool? An education tool?
    •     o Are you trying to impress referrals and prospects with a professional business to business website?
  •  • How will this website streamline your business?
    •     o Will the information provided online reduce your phone time?
    •     o Where do you spend the most time at the beginning of your client interactions?
    •     o What are your competitors doing that your current website is missing?
  •  • What do you want customers to do when they arrive at your website?
    •     o Will customers make a purchase, or contact you for more information?
    •     o What functions and abilities do you need (Ecommerce, lead generation?)
    •     o What content do customers need to make a purchase or conversion decision? Product descriptions, Frequently Asked Questions?
  •  • What services or products are you selling? Is there more than one?
    •     o Do you need to integrate modules for shipping or delivery of your product?
    •     o Do you need integration with a CRM, as many B2B sites require?
    •     o Do you have a preferred system you want implemented? Have you confirmed that this agency has a skilled developer, whether it is in Magento ecommerce or WordPress CMS Systems?


Whether or not you have the time to answer any or all of these questions, the right digital marketing agency can tailor the solutions to your needs. The difference is that if you take the time to prepare for your web development process, you will streamline the development timeline and reduce your costs. When your Agency is customizing your proposal to your needs, they can consider the time needed for discovery and revisions and structure a better deal.


Ready to work with an agency that can provide the "just right" amount of service and attention you're looking for? Get in touch with one of the team members at ATAK.

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