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“Do You Specialize In My Industry?” No, We Specialize in You.

Jul 07, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, I got to sit down with a client from a business we’ve worked with for awhile. This particular client had undergone a leadership change, and we helped manage the transition by keeping their marketing stable and active. When our new client contact mentioned they’d be in town, we jumped at the chance to meet up for lunch. Oh yeah… we also place a lot of emphasis on good eats.

Over brisket at The Chairman, we got acquainted on a more personal level than was possible over email and skype chats. When the conversation turned back to work, he asked, “So, what industries does your agency work in? What’s your focus?”

The answer to this one is a long one! As an agency, we’ve made it part of the foundation of how we work that we’re industry agnostic. We don’t focus on a sector, an industry, or even B2B vs B2C. We’ll do it all, because it has a benefit for all of our clients on the roster. Here are four advantages we’ve found from being industry agnostic.

Outside Eyes Break Down Walls

We’re evaluating industries all the time, and we’ve got project managers working in dozens of business sectors at a given time. Because of that, the trends and focuses of your industry don’t give your marketing team tunnel vision. We can account for whatever is trending in your industry, while taking a wider view of your business priorities and developing more diverse campaigns and content.

Best Practices Are Cross-Sector

Every type of business advances technologically at a different rate. Some are cutting-edge, and others are just getting into the idea of building responsive websites. Because we’re not in technological lock-step with your industry, we can catapult your website years ahead of the competition, leaving their web team playing catch-up.

We’re on a Different Business Cycle

Business cycles are an unavoidable consequence of seasonal, technological and social effects on your industry. They’re a fact of life, and preparation to stay afloat through them is necessary. We run accounts across a variety of businesses as a way of ensuring we aren’t tied to the same business cycle as a client’s business. This way, when your industry starts to contract and you’re feeling the pinch, we’ve got access to the resources you need to keep growing and weather the slow periods.

Need Something? We Know Someone.

We build a lot of websites. We know a lot of people. When you come to a point in your business where you need to hire someone or get something and you aren’t sure how to evaluate, there is a chance that an agency with a wide client base knows someone who can do what you need. Whether that’s celebrity photography, luxury car rentals, or how to print labels for water bottles… we can put you in touch with somebody in our community.

It all comes down to the phrase, “a rising tide lifts all boats”. By learning new things with every new account and every new industry, we find ways to solve problems across accounts. It helps us be the best agency we can be for everyone on the roster. 

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