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We Believe in Building Better Systems

Systems Development & Integrations

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What if every system you used could connect?

Your CRM, Project Management Software, Customer Service, Invoicing, Supply Chain (ERP), Business Intelligence (Data), and more?

With open API solutions and custom web development, ATAK aims to streamline every aspect of your business operation. From customer intake to invoicing and every other step along the way, your business functions can all come together harmoniously.

Programming Services + Integrations:
• Enterprise Systems Mapping & Architecture
• Custom Web Applications
• API Integrations
• Ecommerce Development
• Learning Management System (LMS) Development
• Professional Service Automation (PSA)
• Content Management System Development
• Client Portals & Intranets
• Business Intelligence & Analytics
• Development Support & Maintenance

Ecommerce Development

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ATAK offers flexible eCommerce solutions. Whether you need to develop your site from scratch, integrate new features into an existing store, or build out custom features specific to your company, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right platform can be challenging, but with 15+ years of experience building eCommerce stores, we know how to steer you in the right direction. We’ve built over 100 stores with a range of features – from B2B customization to ERP integrations, and much more. ATAK’s specialty is custom eCommerce solutions development. You’ve got a blueprint of your dream eCommerce operation and we have the agility and capability to build it for you.

Most eCommerce stores today are looking to streamline their entire operation in one system. With open APIs, your site can connect with your sales, inventory, accounting, and other business intelligence systems. We customize dashboards and make the user experience easy so to keep all of your important information and applications in one place, working congruently.

Security and Performance Audits
For any online store, security is a top concern. At ATAK, we are proactive in our efforts to keep your site safe from outside sources. From hosting to checkout security, file storage, plugin updates, speed tests, and everything in-between, we are meticulous at every stage to keep you out of harm’s way.

Ecommerce Development

Website Design


ATAK builds websites that are conversion-focused, clearly guiding an organization’s target audience to interact through persuasive and distinct CTAs. We believe in creating a pragmatic web development workflow that seamlessly moves from design to code to security to data optimization. In the end, all sites should be beautiful on the front-end, impenetrable to outside forces on the back-end, and flexible to build upon as a company evolves.

All of our sites, whether B2C, B2B, or B2G, are built on widely adopted frameworks such as WordPress, Shopify, or HubSpot to ensure any applications you need integrated can come together harmoniously.

Professional Web Design Services

Design & Development Services:

Website Design
Web Development
eCommerce Website Design
Custom Programming
Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
iOS Application Development
Android Application Development
Content Management Systems
Learning Management Systems
Search Engine Optimization
Website Security & Speed Audits
ADA Website Compliance

Work with The Most Popular Website Software and Frameworks

We Work with The Most Popular Website Software and Frameworks:

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