Our integrated marketing campaigns follow our innovative purposeful marketing method.

Helping businesses Attract, Connect, Close, and Delight.

The Purposeful Method Overview

Our integrated marketing campaigns follow our innovative Purposeful Marketing Method. We implement and execute solutions at each step of the customer lifecycle, helping businesses Attract, Connect, Close, and Delight their prospects and customers.

The Purposeful Method Overview
the alignment strategy
the 90 day boulder sprint
Customer Life cycle

Step 1:
The Alignment Strategy

At ATAK, we never confuse hope with a plan. Through a series of intensive one-day workshops, we build the foundation for all marketing initiatives before moving into production thereafter. The architecture phase aligns your Brand, Data, and Sales operations so that all future marketing activity is purposefully constructed to serve the goals you’ve set forth.

The Brand
A True Identity
Define how your company will write about, discuss, and visually communicate your brand to your target personas

The Most Important Metrics
Determine the Most Important Metrics for your organization’s growth, what figures you must hit, and how much money it’s going to take to get there.

Connecting Marketing-to-Sales
Identify and align your marketing activity to the point of sale, determining what is needed to be executed at each step of the customer lifecycle.

The Alignment Strategy
The Obstacle Sprint

Step 2:
The 90 Day Obstacle Sprint

While aligning the Brand, Data, and Sales, we will create a list of the obstacles that need to be removed so that you can get on the path to successfully marketing the business. Common examples of boulders include: new website, new branding, new sales collateral, resource acquisitions, software integrations, and much more.

This list becomes a 90-Day scope of the foundational work that you need to invest in to market your business the way you envision.

The Sprint is focused on removing these obstacles in a timely manner. ATAK works with your team to determine how we can get to where you want to be (aka – executing your M2S Map) within your budget and timeline.

Step 3: Execute the M2S Map

With the obstacles out of the way, we will begin executing The M2S Trail Map, the process that determines how you will Attract, Connect, Close, and Delight your customers. Our marketing activity measures and tracks the Most Important Metrics to your business on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, using incoming data to optimize campaigns. Common scopes of work include:

Attracting Prospects

Attracting Prospects
• Direct Advertising

Closing Prospects into Customers

Closing Prospects into Customers
• Webinars
• Presentation Demos
• Proposal Design

Connecting with Prospects

Connecting with Prospects
• Automated Email Workflows
• Retargeting Campaigns
• Sales Collateral

Delighting Customers
• Social Media
• Email Marketing
• Ebook + Content Creation

Where Focus Meets Follow-Through

Production Work Inside the Method

Search Engine Optimization
Google AdWords
Facebook Advertising
Print Advertising
Social Media
Creative Design
Content Writing
Conversion Rate Optimization

Where We Thrive

Where We Thrive

B2B Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Strategic Development
Franchise Marketing
Sales Enablement
Strategic Partnerships
Creative Solutions
Outsourced CMO

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