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There’s an old advertising cliché – “they say that only half of marketing actually works, but the problem is we don’t know which half.” With the data available in 2017, this notion can be destroyed. Businesses have the ability to track and measure the customer journey in more sophisticated ways than ever before. Through an analysis of site traffic, user behavior, CTAs, and other site features, ATAK can increase conversions and sales with data-driven decision making. By assessing the metrics and making adjustments based on customer analytics, businesses no longer need to confuse hope with a plan.



Conversion Optimization

By analyzing on-site activity with source and visit data, and combining this with visitor activity analytics and testing capabilities, ATAK is able to test, optimize, and refine the most important profit- and lead-generating pages on a business’ website. A series of conversion optimization tests delivers more data about customer behavior and interest to a business, allowing for more and faster success with each new test and product development. Whether your company is a B2B operation looking to increase your leads or an ecommerce store focused on product sales, conversion optimization is the granular inspection that will decipher how your historical customer activity will dictate future marketing decisions. Search Engine Optimization // Landing Page Creation // Heatmaps // A/B Testing // Marketing Message Development

PPC Management

Pay-per-click advertising uses sophisticated user targeting to deliver messages about your business to search engine users, social media platforms, and larger advertising networks across the web. Careful campaign management and focused targeting bring traffic to a tailored landing page. Pay-per-click campaigns can make use of a variety of marketing strategies, including promotions, competitor focus, and regional targeting. ATAK creates and maintains custom pay-per-click marketing on any platform, tailoring the campaign to a client’s needs. AdWords Campaign Management // Facebook Ad Management // Twitter Ad Management // Display Advertising Campaigns // Remarketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Audit

ATAK evaluates a company’s most and least successful digital marketing initiatives, and uses this data to conceptualize a website design, digital marketing strategy, or full integrated marketing campaign. One of digital marketing’s greatest strengths is the ability to measure activity and success with precision. The foundation of a digital marketing audit and recommendations allows a business to begin a new digital marketing initiative with confidence. A digital marketing campaign should be purposeful, effective, and measure key data points. Companies invest in different initiatives all the time – SEO, PPC, Social Media – and wonder “is any of this working?” ATAK looks under the hood of these campaigns to dissect the data and help businesses understand insights such as their cost-per-acquistion and Lifetime Value of a Customer. After determining the profitability of a campaign, our comprehensive audit includes a plan of action to evolve current efforts into a more effective process. SEO Audit // Social Media Audit // Website Evaluation // PPC Assessment // Content Review

Competitive Market Analysis

All of the websites ATAK builds have the same principles of responsive design, purposeful UX, and beautiful graphics, design and features standard in one industry may not stay the same. A competitive marketing analysis involves inspecting and testing leading competitor websites within one industry, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, and using this information to inform digital marketing, content, website development, and search engine optimization strategy. Competitive intelligence provides businesses with insight on where industry peers are having success with keyword rankings, website performance, and social media engagement, among other metrics. When comparing data sets with these “rivals,” a brand can learn where they are coming up short and where previously undiagnosed competitive advantages exist. Considering the vast opportunities in Digital Marketing, understanding where other companies are spending resources and measuring the effectiveness is imperative to any strategic planning. SEO Audit // Competitor Analysis Report // Competitive Campaign Strategy // Ongoing Competitor Monitoring // Competitor Social Media Report

Organic Traffic Analysis

With the use of measurement platforms like Google Analytics, ATAK can provide data about the activity of users to a website: how they arrive at the site, and at what page; as well as when they are most likely to leave a website, and when they are most likely to make a purchase or conversion. This traffic analysis includes search engine data, keyword position, and competitor keyword monitoring. Understanding these metrics is the foundation of any Search Marketing Campaigns. Search Traffic Analytics // Keyword Position Reporting // Traffic Conversion Reporting // Competitor Keyword Monitoring // Site Quality Auditing

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