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The infrastructure needed to grow a business starts by defining the characteristics that make the organization unique and attractive to consumers. Visual components, such as a logo, colors, and typeface, bring a brand to life by effectively communicating a vision. Internal elements, like a positioning statement, competitive advantages, and customer personas, serve as the foundation for strategic business development. ATAK works with companies across multiple industries to establish a visual and corporate identity that aligns communications and serves as the backbone for all marketing initiatives.



Brand Book Development

Brand Books are our most comprehensive solution for defining Brand Identity. The exercise of developing a brand book drives marketing teams to refine elements of their business in great detail. This document becomes the foundation for the marketing and corporate communications for your entire organization. Company leaders later use the document as an introduction to new team members of the business’ style, identity, and strategic focus. From color palettes to customer personas to email signature structure, ATAK polishes each characteristic that makes the brand internally and externally remarkable. Positioning Statement // Competitive Advantages // Vision // Tagline // Corporate Style Guide

Logo Design

The process of designing a new logo can seem daunting. ATAK alleviates the headaches by creating a protocol that allows for clients to provide extensive feedback in the logo design phase, until the imagery aligns with the desired aesthetic. Our graphic design team takes this feedback and creates distinct variations of multiple concepts. We continue this collaboration until there’s 100% customer satisfaction. ATAK prides itself on quick turnarounds and offers unlimited revisions for logo design. Collaborative Design Brief // Unlimited Rounds of Design // Color Palette Creation

Corporate Style Guide

Establishing and aligning a visual identity is beneficial for corporate communications. Whether unifying messages across digital and print advertisements or keeping a consistency in email signatures, business cards, and other collateral, a Corporate Style Guide allows a business to provide designers and agencies with the rules and guidelines for future marketing work. ATAK creates this central infrastructure because we believe that a cohesive identity accelerates the time between the introduction of a brand and engaged customer recognition. ***Note that Corporate Style Guides are also a part of our comprehensive Brand Book solution above. Market Research // Operations Audit // Marketing Map Development // KPI Assessment // Quarterly + Annual Calendar

Strategic Growth Plan

Developing a strategic growth plan begins with market research. Whether internal, competitive, or both, ATAK learns about your customers and their position in the marketplace to help identify the path to increased profits. Our plans include measurable KPIs and projections, the development of a marketing map, and a list of quarterly goals for an upcoming year. Logo // Colors // Typography // Logo Use Guidelines // Corporate Identity

Buyer Personas

Smart businesses take the time to identify their target customers and the value that must be presented to evolve them from browsers to buyers. ATAK not only works with clients to identify the demographics and personalities of a preferred audience, but we build out a plan-of-action to reach each customer type, identifying the marketing channels to reach them, and content mapping the personalized messaging needed to attract and convert. Persona planning also incorporates Negative Personas, identifying the customer types that waste the time and efficiency of your organization. Market Research // Persona Identification // Persona Funnel Visualization // Persona Marketing Plans // Negative Personas

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