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A Social Media Game-Changer For Brick & Mortar

Oct 24, 2014

A couple months back, my colleagues and I went to a restaurant called Hurry Curry of Tokyo for one of our Lunch Club adventures. Up on the wall was a large monitor with an interactive flow of social media content related to the restaurant. The stream of Instagram posts of the restaurant’s food, positive Yelp reviews, and conversations on Twitter, all from restaurant patrons, immediately grabbed our eye.

Wondering how it all functioned, we took out our phones and got to work. One person did a quick tweet at Hurry Curry. The next person posted a photo to Instagram of our appetizer. Almost immediately, these social media posts were up on the interactive board.

This was a game-changer. 

We asked our server to bring over the manager. After assuring him he had done nothing wrong, he obliged.

“What is that?” I asked.

“The board? It’s called Enplug.” the manager replied.

I didn’t even wait to get back to the office. I had to Google “Enplug” immediately. How much did this cost? How did it work? What type of creative was needed? How much monitoring is involved?

And most importantly…how can I get this on the walls of every brick and mortar client I work with?

For years I’ve told clients, “just because someone loves your company, does not mean they’re necessarily going to follow you day-to-day on their social media channels. You have to give them a reason.”

If you read enough “How to Get Your Business More Social Media Followers” articles, you’ll see the same material: inspire your customers, offer them deals and discounts, give them a forum to provide feedback, etc.

And to be fair, these sentiments all ring true. People love coupons, they love being inspired by a brand, and they love having their voices heard. But where Enplug can really push these notions further is through a live, interactive experience with an immediacy that engages a customer immediately.

Enplug is a creative call to action for any customer inside your store to become involved with the brand. Tweet us and you’ll see it pop up now. Upload a photo of your meal, and everybody else in the restaurant will know who you are on Instagram.

This hyper-connectivity between patrons and businesses has never been closer, and Enplug is the solution for this. The software is incredibly customizable so businesses can choose to showcase an array of content: Instagram posts, tweets, Facebook posts, Yelp reviews, Pinterest boards, original ads, etc. The timing of each piece of content can be changed depending on how long the business wants them on the screen. It’s easy to monitor and manage every step of the way. Oh, and plans start at just $100/month to use the software, so it’s incredibly cost-efficient.

What’s going to be interesting to see with Enplug is how the software will integrate to less sturdy business operations than those with a physical space. Many businesses would love this type of technology at trade shows and industry events in which they have monitors in their booth. Of course, they would want a week-long plan as opposed to something monthly.  Mobile businesses such as food trucks could utilize the technology if it could integrate on a device that was easier to transport, such as an iPad. We’re just scratching the surface of what a technology like this can do.

But where we sit in 2014, it’s time for brick and mortar to invest in Enplug if the goal is to increase social media engagement. It’s the perfect solution to get patrons that are enjoying your brand to get involved with you on social media in real time.

If you want to learn more about Enplug and all of its capabilities, please contact Austin LaRoche at austin@atakinteractive.com.

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